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Swedish Lucia rolls

These rich saffron buns are a traditional Swedish Christmas treat. They're delicious with a cup of coffee.

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  1. Grease a baking tray. Soak the saffron in the milk for 5-10 minutes.

  2. Combine the flour, yeast, salt and sugar in a mixing bowl and make a well in the centre. Stir the melted butter into the milk and saffron mixture and pour into the well. Add the Quark cheese.

  3. Stir together briefly, then bring together as a dough. Knead on a floured surface for 10 minutes, or until smooth. Place in an oiled bowl, cover with oiled clingfilm and leave in a warm place for 1½-2 hours until well risen.

  4. Preheat the oven to 220C/425F/Gas 7.

  5. Knock back the dough and divide into 12 pieces. Roll each into a rectangle about 20cm/8in long. Twist each into an 'S' shape, as tight as possible. Place on the prepared baking sheet and cover loosely. Leave for 30-45 minutes or until puffed up.

  6. Brush the rolls with the egg yolk, then place one raisin in the centre of each circle (two raisins per roll).

  7. Bake the rolls for 15 minutes, then remove from the oven and set aside to cool on a wire rack.

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