Strawberry jam


  • 5.4kg/12lb strawberries

  • 3.6L/6pt red-currant juice

  • 575g/1¼lb loaf sugar

Preparation method

  1. Strip the currants from the stalks, put them into a jar; place this jar in a sauce-pan of boiling water, and simmer until the juice is well drawn from the fruit.

  2. Strain the currants, measure the juice, put it into a preserving-pan, and add the sugar.

  3. Select well-ripened but sound strawberries; pick them from the stalks, and when the sugar is dissolved in the currant-juice, put in the fruit.

  4. Simmer the whole lot over a moderate fire from ½ to ¾ hour, carefully removing the scum as it rises.

  5. Stir the jam only enough to prevent it from burning at the bottom of the pan, as the fruit should be preserved as whole as possible. Put the jam into jars, and when cold, cover down.

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