Smoked mackerel coleslaw

Smoked mackerel coleslaw

A delicious way to serve mackerel. This light meal is a great one for making in the food processor - and no cooking.


Preparation method

  1. Check for any bones in the mackerel and remove them. Remove the skin too. In a food processor pulse the mackerel, olive oil, lemon juice and mustard a couple of times. Remove.

  2. Use the julienne attachment of the food processor to process the celeriac. If you haven’t got a julienne attachment, slice the celeriac into very thin strips by hand with a sharp knice.

  3. Add the soured cream and chopped celeriac to the mackerel mixture and fold in.

  4. Serve with your favourite savoury biscuits.

Less than 30 mins preparation time

No cooking required cooking time

Serves 3-4

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