Sea bass and salmon ceviche


To serve
  • 6 slices French toast

Preparation method

  1. Cut the sea bass and salmon fillets into 2.5cm/1in pieces.

  2. Place the fish into a bowl and sprinkle with the lime juice, grapefruit juice and orange juice, setting aside the grapefruit pieces.

  3. Add the chilli, spring onions, garlic and a little salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

  4. Cover the bowl and place into the fridge to chill for at least 40 minutes, or up to a maximum of four hours for a fuller flavour.

  5. Just before serving add the mint to the bowl and mix to combine.

  6. To serve, place a spoonful of the mixture onto each plate. Garnish each plate with a few of the grapefruit segments and serve with French toast.

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