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Rhubarb sponge pudding with orange cream

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For the sponge pudding

For the orange cream


  1. For the sponge pudding, place the sugar, flour, butter and eggs into a food processor and blend until combined.

  2. Grease an 8cm/3in microwave-proof bowl and pour the golden syrup into the bowl. Add the rhubarb, then pour over the sponge mixture.

  3. Cover with cling film, pierce with a knife to make a steam hole and microwave on high for 4-6 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean from the middle of the sponge. Turn out onto a serving plate.

  4. For the orange cream, heat the orange juice in a small pan, add the cream and simmer over a low heat until thickened.

  5. To serve, pour the orange cream over the pudding.

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