Bubble and squeak patties

Bite into these quick and easy bubble and squeak cakes and enjoy their melt-in-the-mouth cheese centres.


Preparation method

  1. Chop the Brussels sprouts. Crush the roast parsnips or roast potatoes with a potato masher and mix them with the sprouts. Season with salt and black pepper.

  2. With lightly floured hands, roll large spoonfuls of the mixture into little cakes. Make a small dent in each cake and add a little goats’ cheese, then reshape the cakes, enclosing the cheese as you go. Dust the cakes with a little flour.

  3. Warm a very thin layer of oil (or a mixture of oil and butter) in a non-stick pan, then lower in the cakes a few at a time. Leave them for five minutes or so, until they have a crisp crust underneath, then turn and cook them on the other side, until crisp on both sides and warmed through.

  4. Serve with the onion or tomato chutney.

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