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Rainbow trout recipes

Rainbow trout

A popular freshwater fish with an oil-rich flesh, rainbow trout has a silvery skin with bright blue, green and pink highlights. It’s native to the USA, but is now farmed globally.

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Fresh rainbow trout is widely available, either whole or as fillets. It is also sold both hot- and cold-smoked.


Whole rainbow trout need the guts, head, gills and bitter tasting blood-line removed (the blood-line runs close to the backbone of the fish in the belly cavity). Do not discard the head until you’ve removed the cheeks (or ‘pearls’), which are good for eating. Fillets require pin-boning.

Rainbow trout has an earthy flavour, so pairs well with strong flavours such as lemon juice, garden herbs and butter. Classic recipes include Trout with almonds.

Article by CJ Jackson

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