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Valentine's Day recipes

  1. Valentine cupcakes Valentine cupcakes

    Make these light-as-a-feather cupcakes with their pretty pink decoration for someone you love.

    Recipes for cupcakes

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  2. champagne cocktail Champagne cocktails

    Spoil the one you love with a special sparkling cocktail.

    Recipes for champagne cocktail

    See all recipes for champagne cocktail (7)

  3. confectionery Homemade chocolates

    Ditch the shop-bought box of choccies and impress your special someone with a gorgeous homemade treats.

    Recipes for confectionery

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  4. Impressive starter recipes Impressive starters

    Our favourite recipes for simple and sophisticated starters that are quick and easy to prepare.

    Recipes include

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Valentine's Day recipes

Main course

Light meals & snacks


Starters & nibbles

Side dishes


Cakes and baking

Drinks and cocktails

See all Valentine's Day recipes (71)

Impress your partner this Valentine's Day with a special home-cooked feast. We've put together easy, romantic menus and picked out our favourite decadent desserts.

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