1. Passover Passover

    April 3rd - 11th

    Passover recipes for the Jewish holiday. Celebrate with matzoh pie, roast lamb and almond macoroons.

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  2. Easter Easter

    April 5th

    We've got Easter entertaining covered with our traditional Easter lunch and laid-back seasonal feasts. Delve into our Easter baking collection, full of recipes such as simnel cake, hot cross buns and other tasty treats.

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  3. Baisakhi Baisakhi

    April 13th - 14th

    Baisakhi (or Vaisakhi) is a double celebration to mark the harvest festival and Sikh New Year. Celebrate nature's bounty with vegetable dishes and simply prepared dahls.

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  4. Healthy diet plans Healthy diet plans

    Looking for lighter, healthier food that's still delicious? We've got recipes and meal plans that are perfect for you, including high-protein and low-GI, intermittent diet, and lots of tasty low-calorie dishes.

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