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Goats' milk recipes

Goats' milk

Although noticeably whiter in colour than cows’ milk, goats’ milk is similar in nutritional terms. It has a more assertive flavour, but otherwise it can be used in exactly the same way, both fresh and in cooking. Goats’ milk is popular for cheesemaking, and also can be made into butter, fudge and ice cream.


Chill goats’ milk before consumption if you’re put off by the idea of milk with a distinctive ‘goaty’ flavour – cooled goats’ milk has a less pronounced taste.

Other considerations

The smaller fat globules in goats' milk may be easier to digest for some people who find cows' milk problematic. Unlike cows' milk, it is non-mucous forming, and so may be a better choice for those affected by catarrh, or for children who suffer from runny noses.

Article by Felicity Cloake

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