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Anthony Flinn

Liverpool-born Anthony has been head chef at Anthony's Restaurant in Leeds since March 2004. His passion is for modern British food and in pushing as many culinary boundaries as he can.

Anthony began his professional career at Huddersfield Technical College. On completion of his studies, he worked at the Michelin-starred restaurant Lords of the Manor, in Gloucestershire, for two years. He then moved to Barcelona to broaden his culinary knowledge, working alongside Xavier Pellicer at the Michelin-starred Abac restaurant. From here he moved on to the world-famous El Bullì restaurant, where he worked for two years with respected Spanish chef Ferran Adrià.

He has now brought his knowledge and experience back to Leeds. Anthony’s Restaurant opened its doors in March 2004 to critical acclaim, and the team have since opened another three venues: Anthony's at Flannels, Anthony's Patisserie and The Piazza by Anthony.

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