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Chapatis recipes



By Manju Malhi

A round, thin flatbread from India, traditionally made with wholemeal flour (or a high percentage of it), and cooked on a flat skillet over a high heat. The dough is usually unleavened. Typical ingredients include wheat flour, water and sometimes salt

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Buyer's guide

Look for frozen chapatis sold in Indian grocers or those sold in long-life packets at the supermarket.


Chapatis are best frozen in an airtight bag.


Chapatis are very easy to make at home, and require only basic ingredients like wholemeal flour (or a mixture of half-white, half-wholemeal), water and, if you like, a little ghee, oil or butter and salt, though these last ingredients are optional. These ingredients are mixed to a firm dough, left for at least 30 minutes to make rolling easier, then rolled out very thinly and baked on a very hot, dry surface, such as a frying-pan.

Article by Dan Lepard

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