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Arbroath smokie recipes

Arbroath smokie

‘Smokies’ are whole wood-smoked haddock with the backbone still intact. They are still produced in small family smokehouses in the east coast fishing town of Arbroath in Scotland. The Arbroath smokie joined a select band of European speciality products when it was awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status by the European Commission on 2 March 2004. You'll know when you're eating a genuine Arbroath smokie, as no other smoked haddock looks or tastes quite like it. The outside of the fish has a coppery brown colour and the flesh is creamy with a luscious savoury flavour.


Smokies aren't just for breakfast - they add a distinctive taste to a number of fishy Scottish dishes. Follow a recipe for the famous Scottish fish soup, Cullen skink, substituting Arbroath smokies for ordinary smoked haddock to add sumptuous depth to the dish. Smokies are also good for poaching, grilling and for making fishcakes, pies, kedgeree and soups.

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