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Food pairing with sherry

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A dry, light and elegant sherry with a tangy freshness. It is best served slightly chilled at 6-8C.

Eat with shellfish, as an aperitif, or with tapas. You could also try it with crisp fried plaice, as fish is a staple dish in Spain.

Crisp fried plaice

Palo Cortado:

A fuller-bodied sherry than an amontillado but different to an oloroso because of the influence of flor. Serve between 12 and 14C.

Try with roasted meats, soups or stews.

Parsnip soup


A fino-style sherry that has been aged in the coastal town of Sanlucar de Barrameda, giving it a bit more of a delicate, salty edge. It is best served slightly chilled.

Try pairing with a platter of cheese and hams. It also goes well with shellfish.

Cheddar cheese


A full-bodied, dry sherry with a beautiful deep orange colour (from the deliberate oxidation). Rich and intense with a distinct nuttiness and dried fruit characters. Serve between 12 and 14C.

Goes well with mature hard cheese, meats, stews such as pork, or even oxtail.

Oxtail stew


An aged fino sherry, with slightly higher alcohol and a dry and nutty taste. "Commercial" amontillados is a blend of younger amontillado and fino, sweetened to give a medium or medium dry style. Best served between 12 and 14C.

Works well with roasted nuts, smoked fish or salads.

Smoked fish

Pedro Ximenez:

A luscious dessert wine made from sun-dried grapes. Concentrated with fig, dried fruit and raisin flavours. Serve between 12 and 14C.

Pour generously over good quality vanilla ice cream, or if you are a cheese lover try it with blue cheese.

Ice cream

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