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Autumnal foraging: Is there anything left to pick?

After one of the wettest summers on record, autumnal berries and nuts are scarce on the ground. Soft fruit such as blackberries, elderberries and hawthorn have been patchy this year, says the British Trust for Ornithology and rowan berries have not fruited properly. What is there to pick this autumn?

Claudio Bincoletto, a professional forager, chef and horticulturist takes us on a tour of edible plants, and cooks up an autumnal dish of wild duck with foraged leaves, walnuts and flowers at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond.

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Slideshow production by Hannah Briggs.

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Disclaimer: The Food Standards Agency has issued safety advice on foraging for wild food: "Always make sure you know exactly what it is that you are picking. If you have any doubt, don't. Guide books to identify plants and mushrooms may be helpful or, even better, take someone with you who is experienced in identifying edible plants." Read more including about suitable fruits and plants to pick on its website.

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