There is no charge for making a Freedom of Information Act request.

However, if we estimate that it would cost more than £450 (2.5 days working time) to retrieve the information, we are entitled to refuse your request.

We may charge for photocopying and other direct costs. The first £15 of photocopying will be undertaken free of charge, and after that we may charge you 10 pence per page. We will always let you know in advance if there are costs associated with your request that we will look to recover.

The rules on charging and fees are set out in section 12 of the Act and in the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Appropriate Limit and Fees Regulations 2004.

Publication Scheme - electronic documents

You can access electronic documents in PDF format free of charge. To read pdf documents you will need Adobe Acrobat reader, BBC Webwise has a complete guide to downloading and installing this.

You will have to meet any charges by your internet service provider and any personal printing costs.

Publication Scheme - hard copy documents

The BBC aims to supply hard copy documents free of charge wherever possible, but may have to make a small charge to recover costs for copying and postage. In the event of multiple copies of the same document being required, the BBC will charge for any additional copies.

There may also be additional charges for faxing.

We will notify you at the time of your request if any charges will apply. Any charge will be payable in advance of the documents being despatched.

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