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Thanks for sending in your questions for Trainspotting director Danny Boyle. Read on to see what he's got to say about a Trainspotting sequel, zombies being sucked through jet engines, and his views on Hollywood...

If you were given the chance to remake Trainspotting now, would you change anything? David Lankester

No. I think it's a mistake to look back, but digital video would be the perfect format for it.

What was the last film you saw that you really enjoyed, and why? Mark Townsend

Treasure Planet. Old-fashioned animation, but truly beautiful to look at.

Can you envisage a day when the majority of films are made on DV, rather than celluloid? Simon Walker

Soon. Celluloid will be the next decade's black and white.

You seem to have been veering away from big budget Hollywood movies since The Beach. Would you ever consider doing a big budget film again, and if not, why not? Mike

I love huge movies. Not sure I am the guy to make them, but you can rely on me being there watching them.

What do you think is the best motion picture ever made? Paul Bate

Apocalypse Now. Mad. Imperfect. Pompous. Brilliant.

Are there any plans for a Trainspotting sequel in the near future? Richard Bevan

I'm working with John Hodge on adapting Irvine Welsh's novel, Porno, but until we have a script it's a long way off.

Ewan McGregor has said that he won't appear in the Trainspotting sequel Porno, saying that he found the novel uninspiring. Do you feel any other actor could play Renton after the character was so well defined by Ewan's portrayal? If so, who would you consider for the role? Julian Moorhead

If Porno was made in to a film, I believe it would only work with the original cast.

You said in the deleted scenes commentary for 28 Days Later that you thought it was best to cut your favourite shot from the film. Why? And has this happened in any of your other movies? Stephen Dop

I said it to ease the pain - you can't be precious about anything. Everybody has their favourite shots and often it's a mistake to stand by them.

28 Days Later had a similar feel to the classic zombie film Night Of The Living Dead. Can you tell us which films in particular influenced you? Alex Lochrie

The Romero films are obviously the most important zombie films, but 28 Days Later isn't really a zombie film. Other films like Cronenberg's Rabid and John Wyndham's The Day Of The Triffids are big influences for both Alex [Garland, the writer] and I.

What would you change if you had a bigger budget for 28 Days Later? Karl Walsh

In Alex's original script he had a scene where the heroes left Heathrow in a 747 with the infected hanging off the plane and being sucked through the engines. But the producer was too mean to find any more money.

Trainspotting was the definitive British movie of the 90s. What do you think the definitive British movie of this decade is so far? Richard Smith

There's a long way to go and it's all subjective, but I really liked 24 Hour Party People.

Danny Boyle

With the closure of FilmFour, how would you recommend young, wannabe directors break into the industry? Adrian O'Toole

Work with people you know and utilize the new technology, like mini DV and home Macintosh editing systems.

I've personally enjoyed every single one of your films. Have you got a personal favourite? Danny Marsh

It's easy to like the most popular films, but I have a great fondness for A Life Less Ordinary.

What lessons did you learn after making A Life Less Ordinary? Julia Knight

That not every film you make will connect with as big an audience as you hope.

Your latest film, Millions, has been described as a comedy/musical set in Liverpool. Is that a fair description, and what attracted you to it? Tony Wilkie

It's a comedy about the Euro, not a musical about the Eurovision Song Contest as has been rumoured! It's about two young lads, eight and ten, who find a bag of money on the eve of Britain entering the Euro, and they have to spend it before the currency is worthless. One month to have a good time, and one month to redistribute it to the poor.

You seem to have shied away from big-budget Hollywood movies, dropping out of the Jennifer Lopez pic Tick-Tock for "creative reasons". How do you regard Hollywood? Lawrence Boult

It's a business there, and we criticise it for the wrong reasons. When they get it right there's nothing quite like it. We've got to get them to get it right more often.

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