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James Acheson (Costume Designer, Spider-Man 2) James Acheson - Brit In Hollywood
Lexi Alexander (Director, Green Street) Lexi Alexander
Amma Asante (Writer/Director, A Way Of Life) Amma Asante
Mike Barker (Director, A Good Woman) Mike Barker
Greg Cruttwell (Director, Chunky Monkey) Greg Cruttwell
Gaby Dellal (Director, On A Clear Day) Gaby Dellal
Saul Dibb (Director, Bullet Boy) Saul Dibb
Danny Dyer (Actor, The Business): Part One     Part Two Danny Dyer
Jeremy Dyson and Mark Gattiss (Writers/actors, League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse) Jeremy Dyson and Mark Gattiss
Pearse Elliott (Director, The Mighty Celt): Part One     Part Two Pearse Elliott
James Erskine and Danny McCullough (Directors, EMR) James Erskine and Danny McCullough
Jason Ford (Writer/Director, New Town Original) Jason Ford
Nick Goldsmith and Garth Jennings (Producer/Director, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy) Nick Goldsmith and Garth Jennings
Annie Griffin (Writer/Director, Festival) Annie Griffin
Patrick Harbinson (Writer, E.R.) Patrick Harbinson (Writer, E.R.)
Charles Harris (Writer/Director, Paradise Grove) Charles Harris
Tamer Hassan (Actor, The Business): Part One    Part Two Tamer Hassan
Hogarth Pictures Hogarth Pictures
Imagine Me & You (set report) Imagine Me & You set report
Rolfe Kent (Composer, Sideways) Rolfe Kent
Duncan Kenworthy (Chair, BAFTA) Duncan Kenworthy
Graham King (Producer, The Aviator) Graham King
Nick Love (Director, The Business) Nick Love
Patrick Marber (Writer, Closer and Asylum) Patrick Marber
Neil Marshall (Writer/Director, The Descent) Neil Marshall
Roger Michell (Director, Enduring Love) Roger Michell
Miles Millar (Writer, Lethal Weapon 4) Miles Millar
Sally Potter (Writer/Director, Yes) Sally Potter
Julian Richards (Writer/Director, The Last Horror Movie) Julian Richards
Alex Rose (Writer, On A Clear Day) Alex Rose
Iain Softley (Director, The Skeleton Key) Iain Softley
Chris Smith (Director, Creep) Chris Smith
David Smith (Director, Spirit Trap) David Smith
Stoned (set report) Stoned (set report)
Tsotsi (preview with director Gavin Hood) Tsotsi (preview)
Barnaby Thompson (Head of Ealing Studios) Barnaby Thompson
Matthew Vaughn (Director/Producer, Layer Cake) Chris Smith
Vertigo Films Vertigo Films
Harry Gregson-Williams (Composer, Shrek 2) Harry Gregson-Williams