Duncan Kenworthy
Duncan Kenworthy


Track Record: Best known as the producer of Richard Curtis' hit movies (Four Weddings And A Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually), Cambridge-educated Kenworthy has been chairman of BAFTA since July 2004. As well as the fluffy rom-coms which Brits love/hate - delete as applicable - he's also brought two John Duigan movies to the big screen: Lawn Dogs (with The OC's Mischa Barton) and Steve Coogan's The Parole Officer.
Go Figure: Kenworthy spent seven years working for Jim Henson's company and was a co-creator of Fraggle Rock.
UK OK? Although he has worked overseas in the past, Kenworthy is very much a cornerstone of the current British film industry.
Yes, Really: He once produced an Arabic version of Seseme Street (Open Sesame Street?).


video  WATCH: Duncan on the current state of the British film industry

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video  WATCH: Duncan on what he's working on next

video  WATCH: Duncan on why he's set up the Toledo Scholarships for ethnic minorities


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