Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith DVD review
Mr Star Wars
George Lucas on his final prequel.
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George Lucas interview
Padawan Quiz
The first step to great power.
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Easy Star Wars quiz
Jedi Quiz
Only for those who feel the force.
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Revenge Of The Sith
Episode III leaps on to DVD. And even C-3PO would be impressed. Read the review...
Hayden Christensen interview Ian McDiarmid Interview Natalie Portman interview Episode III gallery
Skywalker Senior Imperial Chat Natalie Portman Galaxy Gallery
Hayden Christensen on donning that mask.
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Ian McDiarmid on playing Emperor Palpatine.
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Mrs Skywalker on growing up with Padmé.
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Vader's mask! Padmé's buns! They're all here.
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The Film Programme
Francine Stock talks to George Lucas and Ian McDiarmid
Five Live
George Lucas and the Episode III cast talk to Simon Mayo
Front Row
Shaun Of The Dead's Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg take a look at Episode III
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