One green bag. One girl. And the off licence where things turn nasty.

Director - Matteo Prezioso

Director, DoP, camera operator, editor and scriptwriter actively working in the London independent film scene. Not a control freak, though when involved in my own productions I don't mind doing a bit of everything.
Also directed: String Tax Overdue


The bag was fab - I suggest you use it in moreof your films! K

well wot bout the gurl yeah shes there

I thought the bag should have been more involved.

William Holmes
What's it all mean Tony?

what ABOUT the girl, anyway?? i confus-ed.

yup mr scoper, that's me. What's all this stuff about slagging other people's work? Come on you I'l lcheer you out. Let's make a film together will ya. I'll direct, you'l lbring the equipment! :-)

I Liked it, Nice camera work. I do think you included to many shots though, it seemed to be changing angles far to often...

el nino
shots, shot, shots. Seems it's all you can think about it! Good job.

Are you the Matteo who is writing reviews of loads of the other films here? If you are, I think you should learn to make a half-decent film yourself before you slag off others' work.

Whatta hell! I thought the green bag would have been seen a bit more. Not a good audio I am afraid, but great shots, and very good acting.

El Nappa
Not bad. What is it all about anyway? Liked the beating though.

Emanuele Torcia
what can I say amigo, you made it. You just made it.


Ok, I'll admit. Not that I don't have any friends, but I just can get them all to vote this short as the best ever done. As for Lettyu2, what can I say? WELL DONE!

Calm down there, lettyu2! I was just making the point that if the story was better, adding to the overall film, it might be watched more and get on the Most Watched top 10. The fact that it's not here means it is not being watched as much as other films which, arguably, make more sense or succeed overall. You want to relax a little, luv.

It is not on the top ten?. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION!!!. "The spirit behind One- Minute Movie is to just pick up a camera and shoot". "No epic firms w/ seeping stories, no brillian photography, no quality actors, no big budgets" Does anybody read or knows what's it all about of this web. The film has a "cool and nice camara work. The story? anybody can make up their own about it!! WELL DONE!

No, REALLY isn't on the top ten?? OMG does that mean it's not the best ever?? :-)

Obviously not the best short ever. It is not, for example, in the top ten of most watched films.

Obviously, the best short film ever made. Period. :-)

Great camera work, but didn't undesrtand the story too much

one simple question...why?

Errr? What? What about the story, Matteo? I have no idea what this about.

story teller
you guys are there,with your organization and planing. good work! now all you need is a good script

Joshua Kane
What about the girl? what about some sense, this short looks good, filmed well but i sese it was too short.