An in-your-face, chopped-up, adrenaline-pumping spectacle...

Director - Adam Warmington

My main passion is surfing and it has taken me to Ireland, Spain, Portugal, the Canaries, America, Indonesia, Australia, and Fiji. I currently work in post-production at BBC Bristol, and have a passion for both production and post-production. I am looking into making a surf film anmd have used this opportunity to put together some footage I've shot and experiment with editing techniques.


Mr Scott
I enjoyed your movie - great stuff. Can't have too many surf movies in the world! I recognised your name on the Crave Surf website and it led me to your film. See you at the beach!

Cool, well done, Dude.

Although very well edited, this film is not exactly adrenaline- pumping... and inverting the colours just looks weird...

Hey I jus wanted to know what did u use to edit this with and how did u manage to sync it all together!!

James Roberts
Surfing always looks amazing but somehow here it doesn't! The editing is frustrating, it cuts away from shots just as you're getting into them. Swithcing to negative every few second doesn't fool people into thinking they're watching something cool. **stars

The Munkster
Well Done Adam u old pit pony u! This vid is as hot as my pants woof!

Liked the cutting in time with the beat of the music. Must have taken some time.

put some photos that pan in & out to the music! then cut back to the footage and edit music to put more photos in it! make it look for like a music video. otherwise good footage in perfect locations. have you tried surfing in boracay?


ENG Dept
Boooring. Seen it all before to death.

the critic
Boring boring boring. Already been done a 1000 times - far too much of this on the extreme channel. My advice to you is to try and be a bit more original.

Excellent editing.

Kepp watching it over and over just to see amazing fast cuts which are sync'ed to the soundtrack so well. Spot on

That was inspiring to go out and create.

nice editing with soundtrack

It looks like something from Home&Away...not my kind of thing

I love that you're combining your love of surfing with post production- thats brilliant. Fantastic for a short clip of some of your fantastic surf moments. Think the editing is great and of course will go on to bigger and better chops!! but def feel a change of music coming on. Well done Ad keep up the brilliant work, look forward to some more.

i don't surf myself- snowboarding's my thing. what surfers do is awesome though. i liked the music and thought the film was pretty cool. it's great to see people making the most of opportunities like this to show off something they love. sweet. -steve-

Righteous Headcase
Killer! A bit unoriginal, but awesome editing and smooth camerawork makes this film rock!

Adam Warmington
SIMON... Seen Litmus, and the Seedling. Love that sytle of film- making!!! Also, love all the Moonshine Consipracy/Jac k Johnson stuff... 'Shel ter' is awesome too - All shot on 16mil. The purpose of this lil' puppy was to just be a full-on, fast, chopped- up piece, with lots of different shots and cuts. I wanted it to feel like a trailer for a full-length surf-vid. Cheers. AD

Er...I've seen far too much of this on the extreme channel. Not bad but you need to chill out and use some music that tells it how it really feels. Have a look at Litmus or The seedling.

Paul, Cardiff
Fab. Especially the shot cuts in perfect sync with drum beats and bar changes in the sound track. Must have taken you ages.

movie critic
Wiiiipeout! You should leave sunny Bristol and travel the world making extreme sports videos & covering major surf events - now!!

Quality! Nice one bro...

Tim Newman
Gnarly dude, it rocks!