A fantasy race in my front room - with snails and eggcups! My first attempt at bluescreen (not the best!).

Director - Martyn Cruise

I'm a full-time house husband, married with two children. I've always been interested in movie-making, especially when I got a Super 8 cine camera at the age of 15.
Also directed: The Stench


Really good blue screen work but the "evil laughs" put me off.

wow!wow!wow! that was one of the best films i've ever seen. The blue screen technology rocked.It is the best visual thing i've seen. more races please

James Roberts
Great Stuff. Despite slightly shacky composting it's still visually impressive. Very colourful, funny, with a great voice- over. Maybe next time you can get the visuals polished, but this has enough homour and imagination to make it a winner. ****stars


It's really good. I just can't stop watching it. The Stench is quite good too.

A very funny representation of the "MARIO KART" game, but with Martyn cruise´s family!!!!

This is the kind of film Martyn and family will look back on in years to come and love more than anyone else. That's why I enjoyed it!

martyn cruise
Thanks everyone! Next time i'll use something better than a blue bedspread!

Andrew Paul
Fun to watch. Good stuff !!!

Joshua Kane
the idea was good, but sadly i did not like it, children annoy me!

Uncle Spoon
Eye lyke this, this is goode.

Leigh Smith
Amazing stuff! I think you've just created a new genre! A bizarre hybrid of old Saturday kids shows and something else? Look forward to seeing more of your films.