I'm surprised that Lakeland Landscape received a relatively warm response, so I thought I'd try again.

Director - Paul Carty

As my camera is still in the video camera hospital, I've been forced to use what files I had on my computer. This effort, Lakeland Landscapes II, is the second half of Lakeland Landscape. If it's good enough for Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill, Vols. 1 and 2), then it's good enough for me. Just don't expect the same level of violence.
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ENG Dept
Even more pointless, boring, and banal than your first. Your masochism is almost as impressive as your lack of talent.

Scene deserves the reverential treatment. Good use of sound and motion in a still life.

Very Good again!

tim buck 2

Scot Kenwood
Glad you didn't cut at any point. Gentle subject matter needs those smooth fades. Nice one!

Pit Bull Peck
Was that Hard Knott Pass? I also likedthe hikers emerging from a tree-covered path along the lake front. The bridge & bird are good tho' the mystery of the PreQuel is lesser. Good stuff, but I bet the videographer surpasses the 1st film once camera's released from hospital.

This elegant sequel has lots more reviews than its predeccesor.

Good shots, un-inspired treatment. When using so many long shots you should get some big close ups in there somewhere. Haven't you ever heard of a 'cut'.

very comforting.

too much fading used. and more movement from the camera would have made it the lovely shots even better. your single moving shot was too fast and bumpy. but the landscape shots are beautiful so thumbs up.

They are lovely shots. Lovely shots are only one element, of many, that make a good film. Give it some more elements. Good work though.

just needs the voice over "welcome to lakeland, rain is our trusthouse forte"

M Barnholdt
U got some nice foto ther

Ashley Sandyford-Sykes
Good tourist board film.