An attempt to find the least haunted location in England with Harold the sceptic, John the presenter, and Derek the medium. Does the paranormal exist? You decide.

Directors - James McNaughton, James Smith, Philip McLean

The filmmakers are idiots who waste their time filming rubbish. Being students, they have too much spare time.
Also directed: 28 Minutes Later


More please :D

This is not real ghost!

James McNaughton
My appologies for all our work so far. We havn't been taking this seriously if anyone was expecting anything good. For the record I have the same ammount of input on all our works - very little.

James Smith
28 Minutes later was done by me, least haunted was done by James McNaughton, need is say more. Keep a look out for our new work, The Victorian Ape, which doesn't involve any ides or script by t'other James.

Sorry, liked "28 minutes later", hate this. Acting, cameras, lighting, script, all "trying to be funny in a spoof way but actually utter rubbish" my most harsh review yet... blushing yet?, you should be.

Fergu Fergus-On
Sorry to post a pointless reply but, BBBBOOOOOOOOO!!

I like the vibe!

Oh dear... now cameras are getting cheaper the world will be full of stuff like this

stupid idiot
heh,i thought it was all real for a while lol.then my tv screwed up for about the last 3 minutes and it drove me insane lol.but it was excently done and absoloutely great!haha,i feel so stupid lol.i was laughin towards the end though.the people who say it was rubbish have no sense of humour!

Johnny Maccaroon
Its seems that Kyle and Jay are jealous of doing so much work in the space of 1 minute. It takes skill and with a bit of work I think you lot could do even greater things with a minute.

Kyle Ibbotson
This is a mock attempt of copying me and my friends idea. i would like to banish these people to hell. we have made a much better show, infact we have a series. last much longer and has better content. plese cancel this from the site!

I'm sorry, thats was complete and utter rubish. I could do beter with both hands tied behind my back and no camera. Coe on, do you honestly think that ripping off the real version of least haunted is gonna get u anywhere. face it ur doomed. Noone likes you because that and probably like ur own lives, was a failure!

Boss idea. I wouldn't mind seeing more from you.

Flat Eath Society
Great film, though I've never seen the programme you're parody- ing. The end was a bit confusing, reminded me a bit of that old kid's cartoon, scooby doo. Overall, it was a great idea, though perhaps a bit more time and effort would have made it really spectacular.

J. Paxman

A good idea. I did give a smile at the bit magnet gag. Pretty poor really.

Goal Rash fan
I followed up the link at the end of one of your movies and found the goal rash website. How come these videos you've posted here arn't neally as funny as the ones on your website? Good but not as good as some of the stuff on your website.

your complete nutters, but i like it...^_^

um i didn't like it

mental patient
the best thing since sliced bread. and cheese. :D

Monkey Laydee
Ha ha ha , ha ha ha ha ha ha hoooo! Good one guys!

Davey McDave

Robin Pie
How can you put down such a brilliant piece of work? Sure it wasn't perfect but it wasn't too bad. Keep up te good work!

Whatever you guys were on... can I have some? This is barmy to the n'th degree. Childish, amateurish, rubbishly done, and almost in the same bracket as a Richard Curtis film. Nice idea, ruined by morons.

Jamie Davey

Anonymous X
This is quite good considering the apparent lack of time and resources.

Angry leeds met student
u stole my idea

SCC Overton
Splendid. Some of the fools that write on here expect all the films to have to production values of Troy. This film is better than Troy. Balls to the lot of you!

David Murphy
That was great i dont understand why the heck no one likes it

grotesquely bad

joshua kane
only idiot students would make such an idiot thing. not funny , clever or entertaining a waste of a minute!

Max R
Completely insane but good, rubbish from a technical side though - does ad to the overall effect though..... eh lads!

Ned Seagoon
Fantastically funny. Like it. I watch Most Haunted and this is a perfect parody, bit confusing at the end but more please!

i thought this was genuninely hilarious