Our hero, bored of the daily dirge of TV, switches off and heads out of the house. However, somehow, he cannot leave...

Director - Bli

Animator extraordinaire with a flair for the slightly surreal. Turned to the games industry to pay his mortgage, and in a desperate bid for attention, turned to making films.
Also directed: Maybe Tomorrow, Walker.
MaFt (actor): lazy boy extraordinaire with a passion for anything remotely different or obscure. Turned to filmmaking after his favourite message forums closed down...


I watched more than 20, one minutes, this one was better than others, I think you need to change the music. good luck.

liked the film, but agree with Gekko - music and film don't go together

Paul Vortex
Looked like a guy walking out of one room and into another... then going back into the other room again. Also sometimes He goes through a door and we can see the room he is going into... then when we cut to the next room, it is obviously an entirely different room to the one he was going into in the last shot. ridiculous. Not a bad premise, could have been cool... just badly executed.

vic and kyoko

Ray Ray

The soundtrack didn't suit the pace of the film at all

The idea was that he was oblivious to the fact that he was always entering the same room no matter which door he left by, yes,we all walk thru' doors, but how many of us never actually leave the room when walking thu' them? Thanks for all the reviews so far!

Could have done with some shock on the face of the actor to convey that he was stuck, otherwise it was just a guy walking through doors. Which isnt unusual we all walk through doors!

Fun and a lot of fun!

joe hunter
he just walks through the same door over and over.

Actually i really liked it, a perfect type of subject for a minute movie..But shakey camera work and editing that muddles the pace (slow,quick then slow again) but good!

Mr Barry Norman
Absolute rubbish, what a waste of time and effort a bunch of fourtean yr olds could do better.The story wasn't conveyed at all the was no acting to speak of, that terrible punk song didn't hide the fact either please put some more time and effort in next time!

Boggling but good :) Made me feel a little dizzy

Scot Kenwood
Wow Bli. If your house is that big, no wonder you need help with the mortgage. Great sound track.