None given.

Director - Gareth Morlais

Made with a scanner and Windows Movie Maker 2.
Also directed: Tickling


excellent, well worth my minute

Really well done Gareth. Great pictures!!!

Dave Wright
Very good, enjoyed it thoroughly. Also glad to see the better side of the community offering constructive comments - not just the lexically challenged text-message based insults that plague the other films so much.

this is very nice i like it well done

I think you have used this format perfectly, well done.

Dee Day
So what if it wasn't perfect, at least it was personal and had some feeling

good idea but tickling was better. You could of put a bit more emotion into your monologue, to make powrful imagery. Simple shots worked well, but tickling had a better moral

Scot Kenwood
Another very high quality piece of work. Using stills means the viewer has more time to explore and absorb each scene. It almost suggests that moving images would distract from the story. Encore.

nice inteligent piece and good use of stills and narration. keep up the good work

aim lo
simplicity was your friend and a bearer of film quality, a poigniant subject effectively put together i reckon.

seems you're starting a new genre..."still movies"...the background sound was great...a great piece of artistic work

Andrew Paul
Nice film. Was well worth a minute of my life. To think the beeb would probably pay somebody thousands to come up with that. Well Done.

I liked it!

Good thread.

Worked for me, well done. Like the still image as a moving image effect of zooming in and out.

Ian Esplin
WOW Great and just a minute long

Excellent audio and image synchronization

Yes, very good. Abrupt ending? eep up the good work.

It moved me very emotional

The first one minute thingi I have watched... very good

A nice serious effort - one of the "all the gear ... no idea" merchants on this site should donate a camcorder.

Very well done. It could pass as a professional piece of work. The use of image and sound were also very effective.

not 4 me thank u

Seth Rosenthal
Good understanding of the medium and shows you should get work at the beeb - if you don't already

Compelling story, really well told.

kevin brown
during the war, i was shot i wish it had been by a camera for this short film its brill

Made me think of me grandad! I miss him. Like the use of images as stills. Tells the story as good as moving imaged. Great sound effects!

Excellent. This is how to tell a story in 60 seconds.

Liked the film but not the echoes on certain vocal phrases...soun ds of planes worked had a sense of movement due to the zooming of images and carried a worthy message...made on a scanner aswell...good effort

I like WWII stories. Every new one I see is a new perspective... The timing of the fades, the framing of the images - all look great! The part of the "monologue" featuring quotes from the diary should have been read by a second person, with a darker tone... with the Intro and Outro audio left as they are. Honestly... a really enjoyable short film - Excellent timing and overall use of canvas.

Ronald Villiers
A touching film, elegant and unpretentious. In this film the lack of visual movement was not a handicap.