A minimalist work to say the least! But one that works on many levels (or perhaps, none at all!). In this film, the viewer makes up the plot to fit the film.
Unofficial sequels:
The Bus Stop 2
Bus Stop #3

Director - Cliff Pope

I work in film preservation and am interested in all aspects of image and film.


belinda rochdale
yes i agree with some of the reviews it wasnt to the best standards i would like to see you make another film. your sinserly your good friend belinda xxxxx

Mega pointless and cheesy.

carl briggs
what the hell?

I thought it was stupid, but now that I think of it , that movie was kinda patheticly funny

That was a good film. They should get an oscar!

V funny! :D

Wow! That was so poor!!

Stevie A
Fab. The tension! Was something going to happen. the noise of the bike then... you'll have to wait and see!


When I watch this, I hear a loud motorcycle sound.

the anticipation was terrible. i could hear the bike but i couldnt see it...i knew it was coming but the question that was clouding my mind like so much duvet was: when? Oh dear god let it come thought i, i cant stand it any longer. Bus stop could use a touch of paint though.


fantastic ensemble performance,alt hough i thought the dustbin was rubbish

HaHa! That's absolutely brilliant!



Pure brilliance

peter Hulme
Mind Blowing

hoped u were as bored making that as i was watching it! ... but on the other hand. reminds me of the film elephant, shows how the audience have been indoctrinated to expect something when, nothings happening!


So it was the colonel in the drawing room with the candlestick afterall. Well i never.

What can i say? It does excatly what it says on the tin...

Nope.... watched it 3 times and still didn't get the point.

pure fantastic nonsense

simply genius

Get the viewer to make up the plot so you don't have to, how very clever. Oh and I see you've used autofocus as well, smashing.

Soz is this a film?

the saint
lol joe hunter is right, this doesnt need preserving, it wud be too cruel to even use it as a torture method

J . P
A well presented example of anticipation followed by a satisfying anticlimax. mr pope 1 numb nuts 0

joe hunter
don't worry cliff, this one don't need preserving.

This is the most pointless one minute movie ever.

John Elfed Hughes
To date this is the worst movie I have ever seen. It has no plot, and it's exactly what it says it is! Do not waste your life watching it.

hannah x
i like it

Good sound and picture but just not sure about the idea!!

The Driver
I thorougly enjoyed the ending. I haven't laurght so much for a long time.

Short but meaningful!

Brillant! Although obviously influenced by the french new wave.The motorbike we see..but we dont REALLY see, do we?Its trying tosay that the seeing and reality are influenced by expectations of our subjective selves, so that in fact we are the bus stop WANTING to see a bike, a bike which is obviously representing freedom of the self in a otherwise contained objective,god- less world.Or maybe not.

I especially liked the expression on the motorcyclist's face, very apt.

This works for me, well thought out, so much said in such a small amount of time


Scot Kenwood
Brevity is a virtue, and this OMM has buckets of it (unlike this review). This film could of course ONLY have been made in the UK. Elsewhere the bus would have been on time, and consequently the movie simply wouldn't have worked.

Too much camera movement, made me feel billious.

A pure vanitas, oh! the transcience of life. P.S. Too short.

Dead Dog
Haha, I like it. At first it doesn't really seem like much, but by not trying to be anything it somehow gains interest. I'd definitely watch it again, might do right now. Oh, and this is a *lot* better than the French minimalist film 'La Captive' which bored my skull out of my face.

This was an example of really bad editing...wasn' t it?

Not really... Although I like the shot, I like the sound and I like the mood it creates.

This is actually quite good. watched it weeks ago and thought 'What the **** is this?' but after being subjected to Merrick' This is actually the best thing Ive ever seen. I'm suddenly kissing mimimalists ass. Great, lets see more

Joel esss (s)
Thats the best movie i've ever seen! The producers will probably go on to bigger things in hollywood ;)

It's the first one-minute movie I've seen and it did seem short. I was gripped by the suspense. Afterwards, I thought about my two-bus journey to work and how much time I might save if I bought a motorbike. This film just might change my life.

great suspense, i thought it was a bus or a lorry coming by. imagine my shock as i realised it was a bike. nice twist

not nearly as pretentious as the reviews that say it's any good! or "brillaint"

Kaiser Wull
It's funny how you don't see a really crap movie for ages then several come all at once!

matteo prezioso
What can I say? I liked it. And nope, I did not notice that nice mouse (damn modem connection...)

Brilliant ... For those who don't 'get it', there isn't anything 'to get' ... thats it

it wasn't great was it.

Leigh Smith

The movie is pathetic - true - but - the comments in here made me laugh buckets - whatever next ?

Did anybody notice the little cute mouse running across the base of the bus stop? (Hey Cliff my freind, that will make everybody download your film and make it the most watched movie, yeah, Hollywood cunning!)

Andy Paul
Part 2 can be the bike going the other way after a day at work. Made me giggle, simple but funny

El Spielbergo
Don't you get it, you fools? Is it not obvious. I despair... Nothing is everything. Don't you get it, you fools?

Paul Swales
Id like to say something positive, but there isnt anything. Sorry, just poor.

cool man

not worth it

that moment, those bus stops, those country buses that never arrive....awe inspiring !

hahahahahahahah ahaahahahhaha nice one cliff

Could of been of better. Maybe a rolling burn out follwed by a short backfire? 7/10

Theatrical Agent
I first saw this bus stop at RADA in the showcase production of Uncle Vanya, it's going all the way to the top. Next stop Hollywood.

ENG Dept
Why did you bother to use a video camera?

Ha ha aaaaaah Ha Ha... I like it.

Fernando, Peru
I can't wait for the sequel and the debut of the bus.

beautifully composed shot

Mark Underwood
Correct me if I am wrong, but is the motorcycle a GS500? If so was the use of a so called peoples bike as opposed to a more exotic machine, i.e. a Harley or Ducati, intentional to illustrate the futility of the modern, working mans struggle or did the bike just drive past. If the bus shelter ever needs any work, I know a decent brickie, reasonable rates!

fantastic! honestly, i loved it :) i'm gonna get round to doing a film fairly soon MaFt

Overcome with emotion with this one - reminds me of many a Friday night, waiting at the stop, in my early years, and my girlfriends wind problem...

A Kirk
Pretencious Crap!

dont call us ...

Dave Owens
I wasn't going to bother about sending a movie in, but having seen this, I'm going to start on my movie RIGHT NOW!

Good but I feel people here are over analysing somewhat to make themselves sound good!

erm, little happens, nice shot though.

Is it told from the p.o.v. of the bus stop on the other side of the road and how it would really like to go over to the other side of the road and have a chat with the only other bus stop around but alas it cannot for it is screwed to the ground and there is a huge grey river between them which must be moving very quickly because of how fast it sees the the boats shoot by?

Joe Hopkins
Fantastic filmage! Both captivating and fascinating. a little bit graphic at times and often 'hard to watch', especially for audiences seeking a lighthearted 'c hick-flick'. this is for people who are into thought provoking films and orangy-brown singing fish. well done cliff pope. (not a minute though)

What a load of... Get a life people. "The blurry motorcyclist and the obvious metaphor..." MY GOD!

I think this film shows alot of emotion, about how you are always waiting in life. A+

bit strange but arent we all?

Somehting did happen, didn't it?


Alan Drewry
Still waiting for the bus...At least I think that is what i'm waiting for?

Paddy McDougal
erm.......rubbi sh. i thought at least sumthing was going to happen, but no. very, very lazy

The blurry motorcyclist and the use of only 40 seconds seems an obvious metaphor for the breakneck, soulless nature of modern western civilisation. This, juxtaposed with the static yet compelling beauty of the concrete shelter (itself a metaphor for the nurturing of our spiritual needs), moved me to tears. A stark yet engaging piece of filmmaking enhanced by excellent soundtrack.

Mark Underwood
I found the pro-public transport angle disturbing yet strangely exciting.

Dan Usvyat
not very good, a bit plain and shot

Farah Adaci
I don't get it!

Paul Owen
Perhaps it would interest you to try for the Turner Prize, unoriginal pieces very much like your own tend to do very well.

Fortunes fool
Take up photography.

Jo Blow
minimalist yes, but I think you missed the Bus.

Danile Jackson
i was gripped throughout the clip. but, was greatly dissapointed to miss the bus

Colleen Barham.
That was so cool the way you layed it all out was wicked!!!! Keep up the gr8 work luv Colleen.

geoffrey simpson
this film is average. it's not as good as "just skate".

Ross C Brown
What else do you need for a film of this title? Outstanding (appart from the lst fil i said was outstanding)

Seth Rosenthal
Great...econom ic with superb visual frame...and I think I've waited at that stop before!!!!

didnt really think much of this - the composition was ok but apart from that there was nothing to this

dont pretend it was good stop buying into the whole wierd for the sake of wierd watch out for the sequal "watchin g paint dry the exciting way"

Left me quite confused..or did I miss something?

it was hypnotising and we couldnt tear away our eyes for the whole duration of the short film

The Fury
It was not a minute - it was bad. And if you call that a bus stop, I must be king kong.

Outstanding, I felt I must go there and catch a bus from that particular bus stop, right at this wonderous moment.

What a waste of a minute? and a waste of a bus stop? But I liked it. Well done chum!

Douglas Weir
A sterling example of modern cinema at its finest. Mr. Pope has grasped the main aspect of his chosen genre and is sure to excel in future projects. ****

Wow. Strangely compelling. It could be an Aki Kaurismaki short!