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24 September 2014
BBCi Films One-Minute Movies

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Simple Is Good

Sixty seconds is not a long time. How much can you really say in a minute? A lot, if you want, but don't overstretch yourself. We're not looking for heavily plotted sagas. For example: suppose you divided your film into 12 scenes of five seconds each. How much could you really fit into each scene?

Genre Films

So you want to make the ultimate sci-fi epic. But can you? Think hard about genre films - can you make a sci-fi film look futuristic? Want to make a horror movie? Got the fake blood? Got the werewolf fur? Got the silver bullet? Got the castle? Give some thought to what your film will look like.

Three-act Structure

Even if you're telling a very simple story, give it a beginning, middle, and end. For example, imagine a One-Minute Movie called Man's Best Friend. The first 20 seconds might be images of a poster about a lost dog. The next 20 seconds could be images of people looking for a dog. The last 20 seconds would be the boy and his dog reunited. Hey presto! You've made a film!

Use What's Around You

Unless you're VERY well connected, chances are you won't have access to a movie set of your own. But don't let that put you off! Use what's around you. If you work in an office, set your story in an office (but ask the boss first). Everything in your life can potentially be part of your film.

No Story?

Well, that's alright! If you'd rather make a montage of images, we're not going to stop you. There's no reason why you can't take a more artistic approach to a film. You may even find a story, however simple, emerges from your images. Watch a very simple and silent montage

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