Our top tips

1. Don't try and cram too much into your 60 seconds! More

2. Be careful of making a genre film. More

3. Three-act Structure. Sounds scary. It isn't. What this means is give your story a beginning, middle, and end. Easy. More

4. Use what's around you. Work in an office? Set your story in the office (but ask the boss first!). More

5. You don't have to tell a story. A well constructed sequence of images can make for a fascinating film. More

Expert tips

  "Charlie Kaufman" in Adaptation.
"I don't want to cram in sex or guns or car chases or characters learning profound life lessons or growing or coming to like each other or overcome obstacles to succeed in the end."
Remember - keep it simple

Your top tips

What I always do is draw up a storyboard (remember you don't have to be an artist). This will help you when your filming, you'll know exactly the right type of shots you need and the rest can be experimental. Vikram Sahunta

Don't cram too much in, make sure it is all your own work, and don't worry about what your story is about. You can do a story about anything and still make it exciting! Sarah Martin

Make a minute movie about anything - could be the shower, could even be a shoe but once you have begun, the ideas will start to flood in to your mind. Gareth

Don't worry about your film not being 'clever' or not having 'a twist'. Just because someone has made a romantic comedy before doesn't mean you need to have a twist in the tale. Tell your own story. People will connect to it in different ways. Alex

This will sound obvious, but if you spend a little time planning, your film it will definetly turn out better than if you just go out with your camera and try to film it all on the spot. Mike Smith

Write the plot out in bullet-points. Then start writing it from these points. Matt Pearman

If you just film various things around you, and things that come to mind, then you might think of a good film out of them... Rebecca

I can't draw to save my life but my (very rough) storyboard was useful when planning most of my shots. Liz, Swanage

I couldn't think of a story. But then I thought: do I need one? Instead I've just filmed my cat walking around the house! Clinton, Harrow