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28 October 2014
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Expert tips

Avoid Noise

Don't shoot your film anywhere noisy if you plan on having actors speaking lines - they'll end up having to shout them! If you really have to, you could try shooting the scenes and overdubbing voices later, though this could prove difficult.

Use A Separate Microphone

If you can, get a separate microphone because while a camara's built-in sound recorder is okay, there's no substitute for a decent bit of kit. Need convincing? Take a look at this clip from our Video Nation friends and you'll see what we mean.
Play Video Nations clip

Create Your Music

Creating a musical soundtrack is one of the hardest things to do. But think differently and you'll be surprised at the results. First off, if you know anyone that can play an instrument, get them to compose and record something for you. Secondly, some mobile phones have music creation software. Make a tune on your phone, record it to your computer, then add it to your movie. Or you could buy a pack of inexpensive, right-free music. Big computer stores will have them in stock.

Sound Effects

Drop a simple sound effect on to your film while editing to enhance it. There are plenty of free sound effects websites - see below - or you could make your own by recording them on your computer, camera, or mobile phone.
Free sound effects you can download
And more free sounds
And even more

Remember Copyright!

Wouldn't it be great to use the music from Jaws or the latest Kylie track as the soundtrack to your film? Yeah. Well, you can't. Sorry. It's copyright, you see. We don't make the rules. So think of other ways of making your soundtrack music. We can do a little to help: the link below will take you to a page of rights-free classical music that you can download, edit and add to your movie.
Free music you can download

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