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Out In 2008

Sneak a peak at the big releases guaranteed to make 2008 2000-and-great!
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BAFTAs 2008

2007 gallery   BAFTAs 2008
A peak at some of the nominees for 2008's Orange British Academy Film Awards
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2007 gallery   2007
Images from your top rated films of 2007. And no, sadly Norbit didn't make it.
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The Invasion

invasion gallery   The Invasion
Images from the chilling thriller starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.
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Superbad gallery   Superbad
Choice pics from the summer's funniest comedy.
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Bourne Again

Bourne Ultimatum gallery   The Bourne Ultimatum
Amnesiac superspy Jason Bourne is back in action in the Bourne Ultimatum. And we're very excited about that!
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Bot Or Not?

Transformers gallery   Transformers
See pictures of giant, fighting robots in the Transformers gallery.
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Phoenix Sights

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix gallery   Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
Feast your eyes on these magical sights.
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Phwoar Point Oooh!

Die Hard 4.0 gallery   Die Hard 4.0
Get your action eyes in for some Die Hard 4.0 hot shots.
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Ogre Here!

Shrek The Third gallery   Shrek The Third
Everybody's favourite big green meanie is back. See what's new in Far Far Away land.
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Fantastic Pwhoar!

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Gallery   Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
The lycra-loving foursome go for a galactic wipe-out with the shiny Silver Surfer.
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Pics Ahoy!

28 Weeks Later   Pirates: At World's End
Captain Jack and co join some new characters in our Pirates Of The Caribbean gallery...
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All The Rage

28 Weeks Later   28 Weeks Later
Run, don't walk through the 28 Weeks Later gallery...
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Top Spin

  Spider-Man 3
Feast your eyes on some Spidey-tastic piccies.
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Bring Me Sunshine

Eye-snogging pics from Danny Boyle's new space thriller.
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Number Crunching

It's all here. The swords, the formations, er, the pants...
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Most Becoming

  Becoming Jane
Check out photos of all the frocks, sets and cast from new costume drama Becoming Jane...
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Fair Cop

  Hot Fuzz
Look down the sights of Hot Fuzz, the latest Brit-com from the team that brought you Shaun Of The Dead.
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Come What Mayan

Prepare for a bloody rumble in the jungle, with Mel Gibson's Mayan chase movie Apocalypto.
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Oh, What A Night!

  Night At The Museum
Ben Stiller and all of comedy (well, almost) go all out to prove that museums are very interesting places.
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Enter The Dragon

Grab your cloak, strap on a sword and sneak a peak at shots from new dragon flick Eragon.
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No Exploding At The Back

  V For Vendetta
Look into the Wachowskis' crystal ball with a gallery from their futuristic flick V For Vendetta.
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