Ken Loach
Ken Loach, the Bafta Scotland Interview

Ken Loach joined the Edinburgh Film Festival's artistic director Shane Danielsen for this year's BAFTA Scotland public interview. At the sell-out event, Loach talked about his career and his latest film, Ae Fond Kiss, which had its UK premiere in Edinburgh.

ae Fond KissAe Fond Kiss is the Glasgow-set story of a romance between Casim, who's Asian and Muslim, and Roisin, who is an Irish Catholic. Can true love overcome the prejudices of their communities? The film, starring Eva Birthistle and Atta Yaqub (left), is released in the UK on Friday 17th September.

Thanks to BAFTA Scotland and the festival, we can bring you exclusive video clips from the interview. Just follow the links below to watch in broadband or narrowband formats.

Watch video clip 1: Loach discusses whether Ae Fond Kiss has a lighter touch than his earlier work (3'50").

Watch video clip 2: Loach says the jobs of writer and director are very different, and discusses his collaborative approach to film making (6'27").

Watch video clip 3: On his work with writer Paul Laverty, the state of British culture and how living in Thatcher's Britain inspired his work (3'56").

Watch video clip 4: On working with non-actors, and the rehearsal process (6'54").

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