Chris Cooke
Chris Cooke: Director's Diary 8

It's the end! It's all over - this is the last of our occasional video diaries. Steve and I still have work to do: when we started we were embarking on two new scripts - a road movie I am writing with Helen Solomon, and a wrestling flick which Steve and I are well into at this stage.

We still have to finish the screenplay, and embark on revisions... things can take a long time. The road movie is in revisions stage and we are planning workshops for later in the year.

We've covered as much ground as we possibly can considering the subject of these diaries was the dull task of 'writing', but anyway, we hope you enjoyed it.

What does a writer do when you reach a pause like this?

Well, I was surprised to see that the real impetous for the Dinard Film Festival was golf, and no doubt the ongoing Cannes Film Festival's real motive is golf... just as Sundance is really about Snow-Golf and Berlin is about... er... golf... probably.

But when summer is in the air, most screenwriters prepare for the one sport with any real meaning - SWINGBALL.


The International Tournament De Swingball is probably taking place soon where all the great writers from Europe, Asia and Hollywoodland compete for the coveted Golden Ball. Men's singles, mixed doubles and ladies' singles as well as women's doubles and men's doubles... it's one exciting event and Steve and I are gearing up with our intensive training, which you can follow on the new diary.

It's a 'no-prisoners' styled sport where you have to be incredibly fit and athletic if you are going to survive and win the chance to write a Hollywood SuperHero movie.

William Goldman is supposedly the umpire and after the 23-time holders Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel (of Splash fame) possibly retired to make way for young blood it's the first time the sport has been so open and the prize anybody's. Frank Cottrell Boyce and Richard Curtis - though something of an odd couple - are, I imagine, hot tips for a hopeful Brit win this year. But I say make way for the pathetic underdogs!

Anyway - until I move into prducion, let me just say thanks for giving us the chance to make these diaries. They've been a little light relief from all the typing and we hope they've been useful and informative. Hope you have a great summer. See you soon.

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