Sally Potter
Sally Potter

A trip to Dungeness causes the director of Yes to reflect on the filmmaking approach of Derek Jarman.
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Michael J Bassett

  In The Wilderness
Horror helmer Michael J Bassett's video diaries from the set of his new movie, Wilderness.
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Danny Boyle

  On The Road
The director of Millions writes exclusively about travelling through the United States.
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Chris Cooke

  In Development
Ever wondered what the creative process actually looks like? Wonder no more.
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Roger Michell

  Love Interest
The director of Enduring Love endured film critics, nervous meetings and screeners during his writing stint for us.
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Marc Evans

  Traumatic Experience
Follow Marc Evans as he promotes Trauma around the globe, and tries to tempt Sigourney Weaver with some Snow Cake.
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Nick Hamm

  Working In Hollywood
See and read about Nick's experiences making Godsend in America with Robert De Niro.
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Penny Woolcock

  Principled Woman
See what the director of The Principles Of Lust had to say about the film's hostile critical reception with her candid diaries, which ran from March until May 2004.
Penny's diaries