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A bit too heavy on the cheese factor in places but a good comedy with great special effects. Good fun.

Stupid being the operative word. This film was insulting, regardless of the impressive special effects. I don't expect much from Hollywood, really I don't but I paid money to watch this atrocity and not I feel robbed. The action was too little, pointless and almost impossible to view, I've found funnier jokes in a Christmas cracker and the plot....please someone tell me this was a bad dream!!

awful. The transformers get almost no screen time compared to the humans, with the decepticons clocking up about 30 seconds of dialogue alltogether. Any fan of the transformers should stay away from this overhyped drivel. The origonal (PG) film from the 80's had more depth than this. If you like the idea of the autobots playing hide and seek around suburban, then this is for you.

Check your brain at the door, see this movie, and feel like a kid all over again. Movies should always be this fun.

trasforming cars beating the hell out of each other what more could you want.

The film was none stop action. Good story and amazing special effects. You should see this on the big screen now.

Richard K
The most fun I've has in the cinema for ages. This film is a joy to watch.

B Cole
As good as it could be. The story is simple, which avoids hours of exposition, and the action is flavoured with plenty of humour. Thoroughly enjoyable.

An awesome film, but my favourite thing about it has to be Megan Fox.

Robot in disguise
Awesome!! Stunning summer blockbuster with knobs on and then a bit more on top. Watched film with a huge smile on my face - why read this just go see it.

A sci fi action blockbuster that doesn't take itself seriously at all, mind blowing special effects .. just awesome.

Dave Tiddy
Problerly The best CGI you have ever seen! It doesn't matter if your 5, 15 or 35 years old, you'll love it!

Mike Slowey
Stupid story, ridiculous characters, and a film about oversized toys. I absolutely LOVED IT!

Jarrett Owen
One word:Awsome!

I went to se this last night. The effects were awsome. I know now how my dad felt when he watched star wars!!! i don't say that lightly. Go watch this film! the bigger screen the better.

The film is asstupid as theoriginalcartoon.Michael Baykeeps thechildishnonsensicalspirit of theoriginalseries,although headded too muchcheesy contentfor my taste.I grew up withthe originalseries, and Ican only sayWOW!!!Skip all theboring scenesand dialogues(it could havebeen in Koreanas far as I'mconcerned) andenjoy one ofthe greatestaction moviesof all time!!!

First half slow moving but entertaining and well fleshed out. Second half messy and rushed. Why is Bay so incapable of pacing a movie?They should have stukc with less characters both human and otherwise, by the end of the movie we were left with a troop of Largly poorly developed characters all of whom the audience really could care less if they lived or died. Poor.

Emotionless gratuitous FX fest that bares very little resemblance to the source material. Just another identikit actoin/invasion/desiater movie in which the plot, title characters and inspiration became rather secondary to the SFX and product placement.Saying that LaBeouf put up a sterling performance, its just a shame for him the movie sucked so bad.

Antoy Shotgun
Was so good I had to see it twice. Pure entertainment wiht SFX and sound that will blow you away! 10/10

An orgy of mindless destruction with virtually no plot, absolutely no dramatic arc or character development and editing/CGI so dense and rapid that half the time it's impossible to follow what is going on (tho' by ten minutes into the movie I'd pretty well stopped caring). My worst movie of the year so far.

Shaun Walters
Do you see Starscream flying off into space just as the credits were rolling...bound to be a Transformers 2 ....and I cant wait, this movie was amazing!!..

Good if you never watched the G1 cartoon, terrible if you did. Sadly I did.....

A must see on the big screen. Some really eye-catching graphics. Didn't know if this film would be a little cheesy but after seeing it i was really impressed. A must see for this year...

James Osborne
"One shall stand, one shall fall" says Optimus, and in the big summer blockbuster war between Transformers and the Simpsons the Autobots Transformed and Rolled Ou all over Springfield. This film is fantastic. One slight complaint is that the action sequences are very fast paced and Bay must have had sever Coffees whilst editing because sometimes its hard to keep up.

Olly Woodman
I'm 25 and grew up loving the cartoon. I hated this. It was a generic Bay helmed action film with some of the transformers co-starring in about a third of the movie. The action scenes seemed muddled as too many of the transormers looked the same (what was the difference between Megatron and Starscream?). I went in with low expectations and was still disappointed. It was a poor man's 'Robot Jox'.

Sharon O'Brien
One of the mostenjoyablemovies I'veseen. Veryhuman and lotsof chucklymoments. Ican recommendthiswholeheartedly.

I took my kids to see this film yesterday and it was fantastic. I didn't watch transformers as a kids but this totally blew me away. Brilliant special effects, amazing fight scenes and a kicking sound track - okay, some of the characterisation is a little ropey and the plot isn't the best - but generally, it was fantastic super FUN. Beats the hell out of Shrek 3!!

Adil Certel
As if giant robots fighting each other was not good enough, there is a good script to boot.

Despite my earlier misgivings Bay pulled it off. This is definately the best film this year worthy of the title 'BLOCKBUSTER'. Generally I was never a fan of the cartoons or whole idea of 'robots in disguise', but... well roll on TF2

Danny from Chesterfield
Keeps in touch with the cartoon, eg. the deep, slightly corny robot voices. dam good visuals and a few good laughs.

harmit singh

A witty script plus..some great acting and staggering special effects..helped keep my jaw open from start to finish..and turned this mid-thirties guy..into a gibbering teenager for a good few hours afterwards.

Ian Peters
Awful! Bay has no concept of how to pace a film. The 1st half goes on for ages repeating stuff & then when the action does happen the great fx are hampered by messy editing which means you cannot tell who is fighting who. Its Small Soldiers with a bigger budget.

Explosive, dynamic... AWESOME! Just what the summer blockbuster should be. By far the best film I've seen in '07 and can't wait for (the obvious) sequals. Although the story is weak, characters bearly outlined, this doesn't stop this movie delivering everything you would expect from it, high action set pieces and by far some of the best CGI ever seen! Definately worth a watch (or two!)

A no nonsense summer blockbuster with jaw dropping special effects and a decent amount of humour.Oh and did i mention its got Megan Fox in it? ;-)This summers must see film for the whole family!Excellent!

Iloved this film!!! it was excellent!

just the kind of thing you want from a blockbuster. great fun

Andy G
An outrageously good film, best I have seen in years. Explosive, funny and superbly realised. Far more than the sum of its parts. I had high expectations and even these where blown away. *****

Action galore, genuinely funny scenes, lots of explosions, non-sensical plot, jaw dropping sfx and the coolest robot fighting ever displayed on scree. LeBouef is excellent as the nerdy yet cool kid whilst sexy Megan Fox smoulders on screen. The action is so frentic and moves so fast it can be hard to make out whats going on at times but Michael Bay has hit a home run here. Popcorn tastic

One of the best films I have ever seen, seriously!

John McMenemy
Your perfect summer film - big, brash, bombastic, with the easily the best CGI I have ever seen. Well done Michael Bay!

AWESOME!!!ok so Bay has changed a few things but this film is really fun the effects are amazing my only minor gripe is that megatron seems to kick Primes a little t easy??:(

Saw this film Friday and want to see it again. It's amazing. I'm female and pushing 50 but it is brilliant fun and one of the best films this year!

Simon Cooper
A funny but all the more exciting film packed with great action and astonsihing CGI.definately worth a look.

I can't understand anyone who reviews this film and complains about the plot/storyline/character development. This film is about a war between giant robots and in that respect could not have been done better (well maybe a little less product placement). 'I can tell from the boy's pheromones he wants to mate with the girl' lol.

Twain Campbell
brilliant and excellent adaptation despite bumble bee being a camaro and not a vw beetle. was so entertaining

Neil McRae
The first film in a long time where I went to see it again the following weekend. Bay grabs the viewer by the heart and drags you on a 2 hour action fest with the best effects I've ever seen. Its not all glitz though, you feel attached to the good guys and in more than one scene you'll be shouting for the Autobots. 10/10 Outstanding.

Jamie Benyon
This film was absolulty fantastic!!! I loved every second i was in the cinema watching it!!! A MUST SEE!!!

Absolutely fanstastic and the bots are as we remembered them back in the 80's. My kids thoroughly enjoyed it too and two days later are still talking about it. The animation is just beyond belief and I can't fault the acting. All in all a must see film. Better than any chick flick!

Thomas Armstrong
Only film this summer that justifys cinema prices, just for the sound alone (It's loud! so avoid if hungover). More action that Die Hard, however nobody i have talked to really felt the need for the "finding the glasses scene" - how anyone cannot notice 4 transformers destroying your garden. Even my girlfreind, who hates my animated series collection came out of the cinema a happy lady

Adrenalin pumping, heart stopping trans-fest of pure enjoyment. Quietly advertised but surely has to be the blockbuster of the year. Make use of the big screen to see this awesome spectacle, don't wait for the DVD - it will only disapoint. It's total escapism with sensory overload. It had me smiling ear to ear and wanting more. A MUST SEE.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Outstanding, go and see it...well, what are you waiting for?!

An absolutley cracking film from beginning to end, this how films should be made

predictable amercian pie humour mixed with 100% action. cars that turn in robots and then go on to kick heavens bells out of each other. pure mind numbing entertainment. Brillant!

It has been a while since I left a cinema with such a big smile, this is great stuff. PS Kermode is miserable and complaining about a 20 year old actress playing a 17/18 year old is churlish. Canít wait for TFII.

This film is excellent and a must to see on the big screen!!!It takes movies to another level. Very realistic and even though it is a long movie you do not notice the time going by.

Tom Goodall
This film is dire, apart from the rubbish story line and enough cliche's to fill a spoof movie the fight scenes were rubbish, too up close too fast fast if not obscured by buildings and anything else Bay could put in the way, I wanted robitic royal rumble not teen movie. Please enjoy the worse line ever in a film, "you're a soldier now" ladling on the cheese a little too thick for me. Dont bother

Ian Malpass
Dire! Couldn't tell what was going on half the time and who was supposed to be alive or dead. Has a dry wit but no much of an action movie.

Quite frankly, it rocked. Great CGI, reasonable acting, plenty of action & humour - best film of the year. Roll on 2009!

this brillant film i enjoy that much it will keep you edge of your seats it was so funny i back see this again and again the specail effects were brillant

Saw the film today with my son, thought it was great fun although a little more violent than I thought it would be, but really enjoyed it

Tom Southwell
Very Good - Mabey a bit too long.

What more can i say- spectacular. As far as epics go it is totally jaw dropping. Must be seen on the biggest screen possible to appreciate how big it is. Michael Bays best film to date and easily best film of the summer

Mr Tea
OK, I'm pushing 50, well educated, like classical music and novels with big words in... so I shouldn't really figure in the target demographic for this movie. But who gives a damn! I haven't left the cinema feeling this good after watching a film for ages. Thank you, Michael Bay for a magnificent roller-coaster of blinding entertainment. Knocks 007 into a cocked hat, frankly.

Graham Bridgeman-Clarke
Well the story is weak, but the effects are great.

Saw this about a month ago, was impressed at first but afterwards felt like its really just like any other comic book super hero movie but with robots instead of mutants/monsters/ mad scientists. Definitely worth seeing for the robots, but not if you want a coherent, original plot. Fun but stupid.

I left feeling disapointed, the plot seems to have been thrown together in 5 minutes for an excuse to have big CGI fights between robots. What's worse is you must sit through an hour of pointless drivel before anything truley kicks off. Expect cringey jokes, poor acting and a shambles of a plot. The effects are superb, but in my eyes are not enough to save this film from its downfalls.

Ian Gray
Humans are capable of doing so very ugly things to each other but charging people to see this rubbish is probably the worst man can muster

Bloody fantastic film great CGI, story was pap, role on the sequel.

no words can describe how great this film is.. i went and saw the advanced preiview the other day and havn't stopped talking about it. this film wipes the floor with all the competition!!!

Adam Pearlman
I loved the film, I remember watching the original cartoon and movie as a kid and I was eagerly awaiting the film and I wasn't disappointed, loved it start to finish and Megan Fox is absolutley gorgeous

Dave (The Game)
Michael Bay has taken such a hard time from the fan boys on the internet. Bet they feel stupid now, huh. This movie is flawless and perfect in every way.

I am 30 years old, and i felt like an 8 year old lad again fo the whole movie, better than Star Wars. The End.

I was not expecting anything as good as the animated movie I loved as a child but was still seriously disappointed. The action was confusing and the editing disjointed. Apart from Bumblebee, the characters of the Transformers were not developed and they rarely said anything interesting. The boy-meets-girl story added human interest but we have seen it a thousand times before done much better.

Jonathon Strange
Basically immense! Visually one of the best films ever,you have to see this at the cinema before opting for a cheaperimitation.

Xcellent movie, watched it last friday and it was amazing!

Jonny Boy
Absolute must see movie this summer! Incredible!!!!!

Overall, the film left me pleased yet wanting more- hopefully sequels will allow more full characterisation of the Decepticons, and tone down the product placement at least 5 notches. I left the cinema with a distinct impression I was supposed to use yahoo to search ebay for a General Motors vehicle, to allow me todrive to my local army recruitment centre.

Andy H
For sheer enjoyment this can not be beaten. The story was great, humour fantastic (if maybe a little too much) and the action flawless! I can't stress how hyped I got watching this film. Sheer joy!

Neil N
What a fantastically entertaining summer blockbuster.Not a thought provoking masterpiece, but that's a compliment. You're meant to be going to watch 30ft tall robots kick seven bells out of each other.Go see it. Fantastic 9/10.

Lin Walton
I loved this film! Totally over the top special effects that leave you on the edge of your seats with breathtaking graphics and awesome machines transforming in front of you. Bumblebee is just superb and the perfect antidote to being a gawky teenager. Kids, teenagers and adults will love this over-sized transformer fun - don't miss it!

Gav Smith
Fantastic! The most exciting movie of 2007. From the explosive opening scenes to the climatic battle in the streets of L.A. This movie is a jaw dropping experience. A must see for any one interested in giant robots destroying each other or for those left dissapointed with the recent sequels to other big budget franchises. An absolute joy to watch!!!

Peter Rogers
Good: CGI when you can work out who's who.Bad: Everything else.

Awesome film but the battle seens become hard to make out .

Dan Lawson
At last, the washout summer blockbuster period has a saviour with Transformers. Adults and kids will be amazed at what Michael Bay has managed to achieve with this film. Absolutely stunning CGI and equally impressive sound effects. Shia LeBeouf is a natural comic in the lead role and there's no CGI effects enhancing the super hot Megan Fox. My girlfriend even enjoyed this, much to my surprise.

Awesome movie. Great action, amazing effects and great human performances. Great evening out, plus Megan Fox is Gorgeous! ;o)

Jaw dropping CGI and amazing battles make this a must see movie. It's just a pity they had to add the typical American flag waving b.s. into the mix; "You're a solider now"!

Went to the film half expecting a kinda of Independance day "USA saves the world" type film. Was proved wrong dramatically, i can't stress how visually pleasing this film is to the eyes!!! A true work of art (Who thought that would come from a transformers movie?)Well done Michael Bay

I didn't like the humour in this film it started so well and the trailers were amazing but at the end of the day it was just a kids film. You'll love it if you are a 12 year old boy.

Russ Dyke
Great fun for boys and blokes alike. Builds momentum well, and then unleashes a fury of excellent special FX combined with a surprisingly engrossing human element. Well worth a watch.

Ben yeomans
After a poor summer so far with blockbusters this explodes with pure brilliance. Great effects, good story that keeps the pace for the full film, and excellent effects with the transformers. Brilliant action sequences, one of the best films you will see I grew up with transformers and wasnít disappointed. New and old fans will love this film.

Paul Baker
First 1 hour is extremely poor (apart from the first 10 minutes) but the final hour or so makes up for it. Acting in general is poor but special effects are probably the best I've ever seen. Overall good film but is let down big time by the opening hour. 3 stars for me!

I was REALLY looking forward to this film but I found it Boring, it had, bad acting worse storyline and the film totally relied on the action. Was I the only one that actually watched/listened to this film!!

WOW! wow, wow, and wow again. This is an utterly awesome film. A great combination of action (of course),humour and emotion. The romantic bits are a little pointless but pass quickly. The CGI is seemless, you will believe that the Transformers really exist. Not too much of the usual American gung-ho nonsense. Sit back and enjoy the eyeball popping ride!!

Fantastically good fun! What could be more tremendous than giant CGI robots doing battle?Starts off slow as the first two-thirds basically just sets up the story, in order for the last third to be a CGI dream with fabulous images such as Megatron transforming from a plane to a robot back to a plane mid-air.

Faraz Fookeer
As a MASSIVE fan of the G1 Transformers and a child of the late 70's/early 80's this film was the best that I have ever seen. Ok, the plot was a bit poor and the script was dire, but who cares!! Leave your brain at the door!! "ROLL OUT!!!"

Why am I the only girl reviewing this film so far?! Just saw it yesterday and it's fantastic. Brilliant effects and a very 'real' feel that was reminiscentof watching Black Hawk Down. The bots could have gone over to the cheesy side, but this was well side-stepped.

Liam McQuade
Its great explosive fun that everyone can enjoy. Its not only one of the most entertining films ive seen this year for its incredible special effects but for the fantastic gags and humour that each member of the cast brings. *****

Watched this at the weekend and it was amazing!! Action packed from the start and with plenty of quick wit and funny scenes as well as loads of action. Went with my boyfriend and we loved it!! Would definately recommend it to anyone even if you don't think you're gonna like it :)

Quite simply an amazing film, where as Terminator 3 didnt give me what i wanted from a fans viewpoint, Transformers surpassed my wildest dreams. Funny, sentimental, Action packed. The dialogue between the Transformers outside the kids house had me in stitches. 5 STARS if you dont watch this movie. Youll regret it.

Young Bails
Great fun for all old and new fans. Typical Mickey Bay film with lots of explosions and the trade mark car chases. For those who remember it from the 80's tv show you'll pick up on the references to the show. Comedy's subtle but great, everything's great - this was the summer blockbuster to fill the void by Spidey 2 and F4: Silver Surf. PLUS they have the original transform sound! Brilliant!

James (Jimbosolo) Harris
Saw this yesterday, amazing, looks seriously good, funny and moves at a good pace. Optimus Prime rules.

A glorius transforming summer blockbuster spectacle.Refreshing as it is not 27 subplot heavy like Pirates nor is it depressing like Spiderman 3 or dark like Potter. The effects make me think of jurassic park and leave you gasping at how seamless they are.This is easily Bay's best movie since the Rock and yes it's more then meets the eye!

Craig T
This is one of the best Blockbusters I have ever seen. It's Funny, action packed and the special effects are amazing! Screw The Simpsons the Bots are back in Town! Best summer movie by far.

Does exactly what it says on the battle-worn tin.The film works because of the human lead, Sam and his relationship with the heroic Autobots. Fans will whoop with joy at the opening narration, voiced by Optimus Prime himself (the original voice-actor).There's lots of humour, almost too much. The effects and action sequences are fantastic if a bit disorientating.A true blockbuster.

george hope
i went to the midnight preview and thought this film was excellent and i'm 1st generation transformers when i was a kid. great work mr bay

this is a movie that you will not want to miss. great graphics, story and action. can't wait for the sequel.

An awesome fun filled action packed summer blockbuster with amazing CGI, action and humour, the best movie of the summer by far, you'll have a great time watching this movie fans or non fans will love it.

Speaking as someone who grew up watching (.. yes and still watching) Transformers.. You will not be dissapointed! Watched it, loved it, watching it again.. and again!

tom jarrett
one of the best films i have ever seen ,being that im an 80s child this was the only big film that i wanted to see this summer and it is amazing, the fx are top notch and the storys not bad either good job micheal bay

Michael smith
BELIEVE the hype! This film is every man woman (maybe) and child's dream! The definition of 'cool' and the CGI is SO impressive,a mix of jaw dropping action, FUNNY transformers and great performances makes this a MUST SEE! I say its the film of the year.. and it on the biggest screen possible!Roll on the trilogy!

Jonathan Wright
This is a trulyawesome film,and I believeone of the bestso far thisyear. Theopening 30minutes or soarebreathtaking.Most definitelyworth a watch(for me,that'll be morethan one)!

This film owns. It's explosive, action packed and you can't help but grin at all the destruction. Awesome.