BBCi FILMS - Readers' Reviews

absolutely wicked a must see forget what the critics say!!!

lee mccrum
fantastic non stop action.

Marky Mark is the new Arnie!

ken and nic
Outstandingfil. Fabulouslyentertaining. Abit of a wishwash ending buta great watchnonetheless

Alex London
Shooter ranks with the Bourne Identity. Similar material, and equally well delivered. It knows what it is, and does it well.

Craig & Ross
Anyone who watches closely will see the conspiracy theory of 9/11. Amazing movie!

A very well made action film but I'm sure they could rename it... say Bourne Lite.

Never moved from my seat. My wife too (normally 3 times per movie washroom break) LOL awesome movie.

Max Starr
Awful, awful,awful. I don'tknow how thisfilm has gotsuch a highrating. Only adozen people inthe cinema atstart, yet 2walked out.Full of rubbishcliches,inconsitencies,poor acting,poor lines,uselessexplosions.There isnothing good inthis filmwhatsoever. Youdon't reallycare who livesor dies, andneither, itseems, does thedirector... Iwant my 4.30and 2 hoursback.

great action movie, nice headshots and explosions. additional spin on conspiracy theory involving presidental assassination.

The Tatmeister
Disappointing. Mark Wahlberg is framed and then spends the rest of the film getting his own back in a vengeful rampage that sees you run out of finger & toes trying to keep track of the bodycount within minutes. Kept waiting for the clever twist at the end... but there wasn't one. Everyone's corrupt and you do *actually* have to kill them all (even thought it won't do any good). Oh dear.

anotherinstallment toa tired out,over usedgenre. veryboring.

Hugely disappointing. Trying to be another "Bourne" movie but only succeeding in aping the worst of the old Arnie films. Only go if you like exploding heads and helicopters

$(username:e), James
$(message:e), Brilliant film, watched it just yesterday and would gladly go and watch it again. Awesome

whilst not a poor film, this is also not original as you have seen it all before and done much better. Not worth seeing at the flicks but ok to watch on tv if bored