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Amazing Grace should be included in History courses. While it is long and slow in some parts, it is a moving film which carries you to the ultimate ending. The actors allow you to see how their charachters felt and coped with the highs and lows of bringing the end to the barabrism of the slave trade. Worth it.

a powerful film which does not fail to entertain and give a clear message

If you only see one film this year make it this entertaining yet worthwhile film. The strength and depth of the cast is excellent and performances are good. More films should be made like this which depict the quiet courage of good hearted people in sustaining a campaign against what they know to be wrong in the contradiction of what was accepted as normal at the time.

Simply amazing

Colin Naisbitt
This is a must see film; does not dilute ny of Wilberfore's passion and drive to see the horrendous slave trade abolished. Well scripted and acted, and not melodranic either.

it was ace!

I found the acting superb on all accounts, except for Romola Garai, whose interprentation of Mrs. Wilberforce was simply too modern, with none of the reserve of an English woman of that era. However, as the review says, Gruffudd was fantastic, and certainly not upstaged by an equally wonderful supporting cast. I think a nod to Albert Finney is appropriate. I would urge everyone to see this film.

not very good.

denise procter
good film

Does re the people i want to see and i talk with them.

Pete Murrell
Wilderforce only highlighted to the Government that slavery was unprofitable... to them! They abolished the shippment of slaves but not slavery in of itself. The slaves themselves were the real abortionalists, from the day they were first captured up until people such as Sam Sharpe who led the rebellion in the Caribbean. Sorry, just another distorted, inaccurate, one-sided portrayal.


the film was very moving, and touching. Ioan did a brill job of playing william. Hopefully this will raise awareness more of slavery in the world today! a must see!