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Faisal Ali
Decent action film with great car chase scene.

awful film. Truly awful

Stuart, Leicester
a great idea for a film and it almost works.. just a shame some of the characters weren't developed a little more

I reallyenjoyed thismovie. A freshnew way oftelling astory. Go watchit folks.

About as thrilling as spending Saturday night in a bus shelter.

A great action Film. Non stop. The car chase is top notch

Really enjoyedthis film -keeps youthinking thewhole waythrough - gosee it

I am afraid that the infuriating flashbacks defeated me. I took a walk after one hour.


This film is under rated. The story is clever, fast paced and keeps giving you more and more everytime you see a different 'vantage point'. The unexpected twists dont allow it to get tiresome, making it very enjoyable. Go see

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Obviously not the best thriller your going to see, but was slightly different from all the rest and it showed the assination from different points of view, which I thought was quite a good spin. Good old american blockbuster entertainment...take it for what it is and you will enjoy.

Sat down to watch and never blinked or exhaled. What do you guys all want? It is just a movie - a clever one, not real, but a great escape!

Great Planning,kidnappresident, bomba market place,swerve to avoidthe kid yeahright

it was a great film with no dull moment and I think the characters did a good job of getting the story across. It was confusing to unsterdand whose side people were on but all-in-all I would reccommend this film to anyone who likes action

Barry Morgan
It's like ground hog day....for the audience! It’s an excellent concept, although the scene being replayed didn’t contain enough variation and made the whole thing ‘boring’

seb wroe
review is spot on. has some good bits but is ultimately unsatisfying

Laura p
i am not a very big action fan however i went to see this movie and it is the best action filmi have seen in a while i would recamend this film to anybody what ever the age! Also the car seen is the best ever.

mark flannagan


sam wiggy
i thought it was awesome ... eventually, you started to get into to the rhythm of it but it just kept on rewinding giving you a sense of 'well, if only' but overall a fantastic film with great sub plots however, overall plot was slightly to intricate

Really enjoyed this film until the cheesy "god bless America - super hero saves the day" final 30 minutes! Had it finished with the terrorists victorious this would have got a fun ***** stars from me. As it was the implausible chase sequence and finish resulted couldn't lift it above an average *** star rating.

Rather annoying than entertaining!!


Good movie, badending.

Johnathan Ross
A really good action film with a superb car chase, great acting and compelling twists in the story that keep you guessing. I definately recommend this film.

clever film in it's different approach. wont be everyones cup of tea as it constantly builds up the action and then goes back to being placid again. If you can get your head and attention span around this then its a good film. its approach did lose alot of character development and plot development however. one of the most accurate reviews by the bbc though.

Excellent film. Great performances and novel

Thought the film was brilliant. a very clever way of telling the story. great twist at the end!

I liked the idea of this film - telling a story from different perspectives. But it didn't work in reality, probably due to cheesy script & undeveloped characters.I don't think the point was to make the entire cinema laugh, but if it was they achieved their goal. Terrible film!

Alan Abraham
Quite honestly, the worst film I have ever seen in my life.

Well I really enjoyed this film, liked the concept, keeps you guessing and I didnt get bored at all. Would recommend for easy entertainment. 4 out of 5!

I really enjoyed this film, adn came out of the cinema exhausted! It's true that the story isn't particularly deep, but it is full of action and keeps you involved even though you'veseen the main part several times. If you're a cynic don't bother, but if you just fancy a good movie I'd recommend it.

My ribs still hurt from laughing so hard! Shame it is supposed to be a serious film! I think the script writers must have been smoking some good stuff when they came up with the plot!

most irritating film i've had to endure. Anyone film where the line"don;t worry Mr President, i've got you covered" does not deserve to be released. Think of this as an even cheesier Con Air!

It felt a bit like Groundhog Day (a film I hated) at the beginning - you really have to stick with it and once you ignore the some of the slushy undertones then it's not too bad. However, be prepared to groan audibly along with the rest of the cinema when you relive the action for the third, fourth, fifth....time!!!

Agree with theBBC reviewer, aclever(ish)idea with agood cast butthe story justisn't strongenough tosustain it.

Good conceptfor a film butwithoutsubstance. Inparts it wasgettinginteresting butwas cut shortby anotherpoint of view.The ending wasatrocious andjust didn't addup because inreality a coldbloodedterrorist whohad justindiscriminatelykilled dozensof people wouldnot havewooried aboutthe life of onesmall girl.Very cornyending, peoplewere actuallylaughing.

A film that tries to be clever but isn't. It's another 'Team America - World Police' offering that is fast paced but unfulfilling. Having said that, it does provide some great comedic moments. The problem is that isn't meant to be funny!

Popcorn Muncher
Bit of this and that. A bit of backstory on Quaid, the president and the tourist, but nothing substaintial on motive. Get a little background on the purpose of the summit. As its about Middle East peace, I guess that the terrorists want to upset the same. Watching the same 23 minutes 3 times, I got a restless, and then I had to endure another 5. Ok thriller. I expected more from the big names.

I thought this film was based on a great idea but was just a dismal mess. The actors were barely trying and it the 'assassination' was so contrived, it became more and more difficult to believe. The constant repetition of the plot became wearing after a while and each repetition did not really add anything to what had gone before. A pretty disappointing effort all round.

Action packed X6/7, silly ending but I liked it.11.59.Doh

i dont understand why people hate this movie its great the storys interweave greatly it always keeps ya guessin its good and tyhe car chase jst fills ya with suspense 9 out of 10

Iain Boulton
An unique attempt to lift a somewhat straight forward political thriller. Decently put together with good acting, it's a shame the plot isn't original. The gimmick of rewinding the film backwards will either keep audiences engaged or irrated. If you can get past this gimmick, there is something to enjoy here. Just don't expect anything mindblowing - except crazy car chases and double crossing.

Good action and excellent concept. That's all i have to say about this movie.

Old Coot
You know whats interesting about Matthew Fox?.........Nothing! Much like this film. The scenes are epic, as in theres alot happening, but its pretty boring and in parts slightly unbelievable.The chase in the cars is awesome though.