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James Waddington

mark pengelly
What a great british black comedy we should all be celebrating that we have finally made another great british film

funny blackcomedylikeablecharacters

I really liked this film... due to his silly humor but senertive and upsetting moments. I'd rate the film 4/5

Martin Jacobs
My Mother died by jumping in front of a train. Just watching the trailer for this film made me feel physically sick. It might well be about other things, but it is being sold on this offensive premise which is disgusting.

angie blue
despite this film's disturbing premise - that suicide is bleakly amusing - i took a chance and decided this film. i wish i hadn't; the dialogue isn't enlightening or funny, the acting is average at best, and you are amazed that money was found to take this very poor film. no wonder they're advertising it all the place, it's a load of witless junk. the rail union was right - do not watch this film.

jamie lounds
i have watch this film and i loved it at first i thought it wasnt going to be good but it turned out it was brill so go and watch it and if ya a lad ya would love the sex scene init

Jonathan Trout seems a little jaded, perhaps he should do something else for a living.Mackenzie Crook doesn't look like a train driver, he's far too skinny. He looks more like an unsuccessful author.The relationships between all the characters, especially Paul and Tommy are believable and entertaining. A thoughtful comedy on a bizarre theme.My sympathy goes out to the previous reviewer.

Rob Dennehy
I've just seenthis film andthought it wasfantastic. Ihave just reada number ofpoor reviews ofit and mustdisagree withthem. It wasfunny and hadsome heart. Itwas very wellacted and wasthoroughlyenjoyable.

I must have a wacky sense of humour because I this film is a romp!I didnt expect it to be convincing. I dont think it was trying to be! The music and the the characters, the English settings and the crazy situation combined to make a different type of film. I love that kind of understated British humour....There were disappointinglyfew in the audience..but I am glad I dont listen to critics!!

Bryan Matthew
Much under-rated but actually a sensitive portrayal about what you need to do to improve your life. Outstanding performance from Gemma Arterton who shows that her performance in St Trinians was no fluke

Not a Martin Jacobs
Did you findDads Army orAllo Allofunny: millionsdiedsurrounding theevents neededfor these.Better ban anyfilm concerningor relating todeath unlessits designed tomake us feelsad too. Bancars in youknow how manydie on theroads eachyear??