BBCi FILMS - Readers' Reviews

Richard Halifax
This film is a shocker!! Took my girlfriend to see it, thank goodness it wasn't our first date as I don't think she would have ever wanted to see me again if it was.

This film is bad. Painfully bad, agonisingly bad. There is not a single redeeming feature in this film. You will not even have the strength to make fun of it as you stare, open mouthed at the screen in disbelief that such a thing could be shown in a cinema.

lynn and brian
Not been to see a fim for ages,wish that we had not gone out to see this awful,unfunny film,what a waste of Uma Thurmans Talents.I had to keep waking my husband up!!

m barraclough
not has bad a film has the reviews suggested

Uma's number 1 fan
This film is awesome, the acting is top notch and Uma gives and Oscar worthy Performance, me and my GF loved it so much we wnet to watch it 5 times in one night!!!5* film.

Utter tat!

Sue Brookes
In love with Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Long John Silver
Its absolutley shockin.

A disaster. AVOID!

Gary, Liverpool
Thurman cannot act - she is stealing a living!

I agree! And I thought I could at least console myself by letching over the male lead, but even that didn't work out. I just wanted to slap them both. Colin Firth had a lucky escape!

A reasonable romcom, watchable - but not a classic!

This isn't as bad as the review suggests. Both my sister & I enjoyed Jeffrey Dean Morgan, NYC and, of course,the film.

rubbish dont go an see

A waste of one and a half hours of my life

Pete Pemberton
Oh dear. What is Uma doing in this mess. My God!

Bob Richards
Very lame. Very very lame.

Kim Arnett
Absolutely bloody awful! Worst film of the year!