BBCi FILMS - Readers' Reviews

dr tania
These kind of movies should be banned as this would further increase the gap between the religions. Also the belief of muslims being involved in all terririst activties grows stronger. Movies should be made to clear minds of people who have the above belief, also somone should tell the world of muslims what exactly KHURAN talks about the non muslims and how one should respect other religions.

Sammy Hun

Finnian McGlinchey
I am generally a big fan of bollywood films and in particular Subhash Ghai, but this film doesn't even come close to his usual standards and at over 2 hours I must have checked my watch about 20 times. It's boring and the story line is predictable and fragmented. If you can find a cinema still showing Jodhaa Akbar go see it instead. I thought it was a little gem of a movie.