Calling The Shots: getting direct with directors
Getting Direct With Directors!

In Calling The Shots we target the men and women behind the cameras - the directors. Read on to uncover what filmmakers really think about their careers and fellow directors...

No.41: Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott   "Mainstream cinema has become so ordinary"
The man behind Alien and Blade Runner shoots from the hip.
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No.40: Paul Greengrass

Paul Greengrass   "The Da Vinci Code was harshly judged"
Brit writer/director Paul Greengrass on United 93 and Ron Howard.
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No.39: Frank Marshall

Frank Marshall   "I have a stage name of Dr Fantasy"
Eight Below helmer and Indy producer Frank Marshall reveals his hidden side.
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No.38: Roger Donaldson

Roger Donaldson   "'Make my day'. That's hard to beat."
The World's Fastest Indian director Roger Donaldson reveals which movie quotes he wish he'd written.
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No.37: Bennett Miller

Bennett Miller   "I want to work with performers who are ready to lose their minds"
Capote's young helmer on why he really wants to work with Adam Sandler.
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No.36: Doug Liman

Doug Liman   "I find pain-in-the-asses fun"
The Mrs & Mrs Smith director on how the film could've been better and why he always listens to reviewers' advice.
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No.35: Fernando Meirelles

Fernando Meirelles   "I never walk out but I sleep - a lot."
The City Of God and The Constant Gardener helmer on on kipping through boring films and his dream casting of Gary Oldman and Ali G.
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No.34: Martin Campbell

Martin Campbell   "You read a few reviews and think, Oh, f*** it"
The man behind Goldeneye and Zorro on dumb questions, The Wild Bunch and the power of the critic's pen.
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No.33: Tony Scott

Tony Scott   "I'm the best plagiarist in the world"
Domino's director on why Robert Duvall is really crazy and how Norman Wisdom is the original rapper.
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No.32: Iain Softley

Iain Softley   "Revenge will be swift"
The Brit helmer can't name and shame guilty parties but he does tell you what's wrong with Hollywood.
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No.31: David Dobkin

David Dobkin   "Laughter is really a gift"
Dobkin unveils the pitch for the Shanghai movie you'll never see and explains why gay firemen are funny.
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No.30: Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack   "The English can get snotty"
The helmer of The Interpreter reflects on his 40-plus years in movies.
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No.29: Hideo Nakata

Hideo Nakata   "I love melodramas!"
The Japanese helmer and creator of The Ring franchise reveals some surprising influences.
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No.28: F Gary Gray

John Moore   "A Man Apart I just regret"
Be Cool's director tells us why A Man Apart wasn't his finest hour.
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No.27: John Moore

John Moore   "I really wanted to go at the screen with an axe!"
The director of Flight Of The Phoenix talks about bad reviews, overrated directors and how Closer made him want to spit.
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No.26: Joel Schumacher

Joel Schumacher   "Woody Allen said, 'If they can do it, you can do it.'"
The man behind The Phantom Of The Opera chats about on getting advice from Woody and the sexiest line in cinema history.
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No.25: István Szabó

István Szabó   "I absolutely do not read reviews... Forget them!"
Being Julia's director talks about his career and what he really thinks about critics.
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No.24: Brett Ratner

  "He should be more concerned with his job instead of everybody else's"
After The Sunset's director talks about his road to becoming a director and the biggest pain in the arse he's ever worked with.
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No.23: Jonathan Demme

  "In a perfect world I'd be a veterinarian"
Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme on wanting to work with Nick Nolte, Brigitte Bardot, and taking you down to Chinatown.
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No.22: Gurinder Chadha

  "Have you ever thought about a secretarial course?"
Bride & Prejudice director Gurinder Chadha discusses race, pints of lager, and seriously bad advice.
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No.21: Spike Lee

  "It was stupid. I mean, it makes light of rape"
America's most outspoken filmmaker talks regrets, heroes, and dumb questions.
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No.20: Marc Evans

  "He really gets on my nerves"
The Welsh director of Trauma on being unemployable, test screening a movie after 9/11, and the beauty of Donnie Darko.
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No.19: Gary Winick

  "I'm always trying to cover up my mistakes"
The man behind 13 Going On 30 talks Tarantino, concrete sinks, and working with Reese Witherspoon.
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No.18: Antoine Fuqua

  "I take them personally"
The Training Day director on reviews, creative differences, his resistance to CGI, and dumb colour questions.
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No.17: Frank Coraci

  "The most overrated? Michael Bay"
Adam Sandler cohort Frank Coraci on the wonderful world of Garp, the jump cuts of Scorsese, and the pain of the studio system.
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No.16: Kevin Smith

  "I would like to see how one directs porn"
Indie legend Kevin Smith on his weirdest movie experience, Linda Fiorentino, and why he loves Robert Shaw.
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No.15: Stephen Fry

  "It's fraudulent, meaningless drivel"
Brit director/actor/writer Stephen Fry gets stuck into The Deer Hunter, Naomi Campbell, and John Ford.
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No.14: Peter Segal

  "He was such a pain on set"
The director of 50 First Dates reveals all about his movie loves and hates.
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No.13: Todd Phillips

  "I'm obsessed with Angelina Jolie"
The man who shot Starsky & Hutch reveals his darkest movie secrets.
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No.12: Victor Salva

  "I saw it an obsessive 55 times"
Jeepers Creepers helmer Victor Salva talks about his favourite movies, good and evil, and regrets.
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No.11: David Zucker

  "Val Kilmer was difficult"
Scary Movie 3's director on Mother Theresa, not being famous, and his infamous Top Secret! star.
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No.10: John Woo

  "I love helping people"
The Hong Kong helmer on religion, Nicolas Cage, and his dad's bad advice.
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No.9: Ed Zwick

  "That's a wonderful question..."
The Last Samurai director on dumb questions and violence as porn.
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No.8: Bobby Farrelly

  "I'd say a bookmaker"
The Stuck On You director opens up on his alternative profession, Cameron Diaz, and A Clockwork Orange.
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No.7: Carl Franklin

  "Some critics are just idiots"
Out Of Time helmer Carl Franklin talks reviews, The Godfather, and Buddy Ebsen.
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No.6: Nick Broomfield

  "I thought Sexy Beast was crap"
Britain's leading documentary filmmaker on bad movies, Peter Sellers and Steven Spielberg.
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No.5: Roger Michell

  "There's something profoundly priapic about him"
Let the director of Notting Hill explain the appeal of Norman Wisdom to you.
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No.4: Lee Unkrich and Andrew Stanton

  "The Diaper Genie"
The duo behind Finding Nemo discuss nappies, David Lynch, and The Shining.
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No.3: Michael Winterbottom

  "Nicole Kidman"
We get the occasional answer from the man behind 24 Hour Party People. You see, he doesn't like this kind of interview...
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No.2: Neil LaBute

  "I would love to watch Woody Allen"
Find out which film makes the Shape Of Things director spit.
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No.1: Todd Haynes

  "I like Oliver Stone"
The man behind Far From Heaven on why Oliver Stone is his most underrated AND overrated filmmaker.
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