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Krazzy 4 (2008)
12aContains moderate violence and sex references

Jaideep Sen gets his break as director with this mish-mash starring some famous names who regrettably fail to elevate proceedings above the mundane. Krazzy 4 sees an innocent psychiatrist (Juhi Chawla) get embroiled in a political game when she finds herself kidnapped and stashed away for reasons unknown. The quest falls on her motley batch of patients to rescue her, reclaim their own sanity and deliver a somewhat contrived and confusing lesson about our misconceptions about crazy folk. Sound interesting? It so isn't...

Dr Sonali (Chawla) is a sugar-sweet psychiatrist working in Mumbai. Her patients - four in total (what a surprise!) - are headed by Raja (Arshad Warsi), a hot-tempered and haphazard individual who you just shouldn't cross. Dr Sonali's compassion toward her patients leads her to organise a trip to the city. But when she suddenly gets abducted by a couple of unconvincing thugs, her patients begin to wonder where she may have gone. Before they realise it, they have expertly solved her missing-persons case by tactfully kidnapping a big government official and even single-handedly outwitting a notorious criminal - something even the sane-minded would have difficulty achieving.


While the movie takes inspiration from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, this one seems to fall out of the sky ahead of time. The ensemble cast is sincere enough, but a sluggishly drawn-out screenplay (which is as zany as the patients trying to keep it afloat), coupled with a wafer-thin plot and dreadful comedy, doesn't help sweeten the cake. The story hinges on a paradox that borders on lunacy itself, and even some A-list appearances aren't enough to electrocute this film into life.

Krazzy 4 is out in the UK on 11th April 2008.

End Credits

Director: Jaideep Sen

Writer: Ashwani Dheer,

Stars: Juhi Chawla, Arshad Warsi, Irrfan Khan, Rajpal Yadav, Suresh Menon

Genre: Bollywood, Comedy

Length: 115 minutes

Cinema: 11 April 2008

Country: India

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