Reviewer's Rating 2 out of 5  
Step Up 2 The Streets (2008)
PGContains one scene of moderate violence and mild language

When Step Up, penned by the writer of Save the Last Dance, racked up a respectable box office in 2006, the producers must have been rubbing their chins wondering what to do next… Just kidding! Boldly going where Flashdance, Fame, You Got Served, etc. have gone before, Jon M. Chu's Step Up 2 hits every class war, dance war, delinquent goes to dance school note you'd expect. This is one formulaic plot that's more die hard than Die Hard.

Andie (Evigan) is a member of the 410, a crack team of outlaw body poppers whose exploits land her with a one-way ticket to Texas, unless she can prove to her guardian that she's mature enough to get educated at the local swanky dance school. Enter Chase (Hoffman), handsome brother of the school's uptight head, who also loves street dance and convinces Andie to form a new crew when the 410 chuck her out for being arrogant enough to go to school.


Will dance triumph over adversity? Will love between two attractive vacuous actors conquer all? Life poses some very hard questions, but these ain't them, folks. Still, it's hard not to watch in wonder at some of the dancing in Step Up 2; it's pretty awesome, enough to make some terrible acting and even clunkier dialogue bearable until the next hoofing sequence. Teenies wanting amazing moves, tight abs all round and cheesy romance will lap this up.

Step Up 2 The Streets is out in the UK on 21st March 2008.

End Credits

Director: Jon M. Chu

Writer: Toni Ann Johnson, Karen Barna

Stars: Robert Hoffman, Briana Evigan, Will Kemp, Cassie Ventura, Sonja Sohn

Genre: Drama

Length: 97 minutes

Cinema: 21 March 2008

Country: US

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