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Sunday (2008)
12aContains moderate violence and hard drug references

Having a hazy memory after a boozy night out is one thing, but losing a whole day of your life is another. It's the missing 24 hours of a young woman's weekend that form the crux of Rohit Shetty's Sunday. Ayesha Takia plays Sehar, a scatty dubbing artist who has no idea why a cranky taxi driver, frightened actor and knife-wielding gang are chasing after her. Luckily a love-struck cop (Ajay Devgan) is on the case to help piece together this rather silly comedy whodunit.

A skilled mimicry artist, Sehar (Takia) makes a living from voicing characters for animated films. Inspired by the people she encounters, she regularly collects sound-bites for research. But when she finds mysterious voices recorded on her Dictaphone after a night out clubbing with friends, she soon realises all is not OK. She is somehow linked to a pair of murders across town and has no idea where she was the Sunday after the bodies were discovered. Is she the killer or just plain forgetful? This is Bollywood and you don't have to be Miss Marple or Inspector Rajveer (Devgan) to figure it out.


Unravelling the mystery of Sehar's missing Sunday at a steady and logical pace, Shetty does a decent enough job of flashing back and forth from the night in question for clues. However, obvious red herrings and irrelevant gags about homosexuality and 9/11 litter the mystery, spoiling what could have been a good thriller. While Takia is great as the absent-minded heroine, and Arshad Warsi and Irrfan Khan provide light relief in their comic roles, the superfluous number of one-dimensional mobsters running around for no reason annoys. Shetty and his screenwriters would have been better off dumping them for better dialogue.

Sunday (2008) is out in the UK on 25th January 2008 2008.

End Credits

Director: Rohit Shetty

Writer: Tushar Hiranandani, K Subhash, Robin Bhatt

Stars: Ayesha Takia, Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Irrfan Khan, Anjana Sukhani, Ashish R. Mohan, Mukesh Tiwari, Aseem Bajaj

Genre: Bollywood, Comedy, Thriller

Length: 133 minutes


Country: India

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