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High Noon - 12th December 2007
  Stiller Plans Museum Trip
Ben Stiller and director Sean Levy will team up again for a sequel to their successful family comedy Night At The Museum, according to Variety. The film will be called Night At The Museum 2: Escape From The Smithsonian, so no prizes for guessing the location.

With a whole new museum to play with the writers are planning on bringing a range of historical figures back to life, among them air pioneer Amelia Earhart. Apparently, Reese Witherspoon has been approached for the role. As long as there is plenty of dinosaur action and not too much Ricky Gervais action, it should all work out OK.
  Meet The Other Rocky
M.E.G.A. Films is planning a biopic of the real-life boxer Rocky Marciano, a project that seems tailor made to cause all kinds of confusion. In case you were wondering, there's no real connection between Marciano and the fictional Rocky Balboa beyond the borrowing of a name. The real Marciano was a blue-collar Massachusetts boy who was never defeated in the ring, and certainly didn't make increasingly embarassing comebacks to fight eight foot tall Russians or robots or whatever.

According to Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Terri Apple has been working closely with Marciano's family to get the whole story of the boxer's life. Apparently they weren't too keen on a pair of TV movies about Rocky starring Tony Lo Bianco and Jon Favreau respectively.
  Singleton Finds A-Team
Over on Latino Review, they're reporting that John Singleton has signed up to direct Fox's big screen version of The A-Team. Readers born before the 80s (there must be a couple of you) will recall the wacky TV adventures of a gang of Vietnam vets turned mercenaries. They could construct a fully functioning tank from a toboggan and a box of paper clips, and they never ever killed anybody despite an extraordinary fondness for guns and explosives. Ah, those were the days.

The new, post-milennial A-Team will inevitably be a more edgy affair, updated to the present day and with proper movie violence and stuff. Let's be honest, it was either that or a Starsky And Hutch style parody.
  Avatar Delayed
James Cameron in difficult-to-finish movie shocker! Heh heh. We're more than a year away from the release of Avatar, Cameron's gigantic sci-fi opus, and already the movie has been delayed. Variety reports that the suits at 20th Century Fox have whacked Avatar back from May 2009 to December 2009, giving the Titanic director another half a year to finish his post-production.

Now, we know that Avatar is going to feature bleeding edge special effects and 3D presentation, and the longer Cameron gets to mess around, the more likely the finished film will blow our minds. But that's not going to stop us from laughing and pointing if the release date keeps slipping and the budget goes through the roof...
  Viola In Doubt
Just time for a spot of casting news before we go: Viola Davis has joined the starry line-up of Doubt, a screen adaptation of John Patrick Shanley's Tony Award-winning play. The film is set in Bronx Catholic School rocked by allegations of a sex scandal. Davis is playing the mother of the boy at the centre of the case.

A heavyweight cast also includes Philip Seymour Hoffman as the priest under suspicion and Meryl Streep as the school's mother superior. Sounds like Miramax is going after the awards season like a cruise missile.