Reviewer's Rating 3 out of 5  
Weirdsville (2007)
15Contains strong language, violence and drug use

The plot of Weirdsville sounds both bizarre and ridiculous. This Canadian black comedy sees two small town junkie slackers, Scott Speedman and Wes Bentley, attempt to bury their friend after she overdoses, inadvertently interrupting some satanists performing a sacrifice at the same abandoned drive-in. Luckily, Matilda (Taryn Manning) isn't actually dead, but there are still angry drug dealers and a satanic cult to contend with. Throw in some feisty dwarves with a fondness for medieval weaponry and you have a quirky, amusing caper that shouldn't work, but somehow does.

This is more than a farce about hapless druggies on the run from a bunch of lunatics. Weirdsville is a tale of drug addiction - 'the quiet, introspective' Dexter, played with poignancy by Speedman, contemplates his life slipping away like a rat drowning in a toilet bowl. His cold turkey nightmares and euphoric trips are stylishly cut and reminiscent of Trainspotting. This film is also undeniably funny. 'Ideas man' Royce, played with buffoonish glee by Bentley, offers up his genius concepts 'Spray-onaise' (spray-able mayonnaise) and 'Cigo-tea' (tea with nicotine) as proof that he's not been wasting all his time on drugs.


The best thing about Weirdsville is that it takes you completely by surprise. Sure, there are some off-the-wall twists and silly characters - the satanic geek-leader Abel (Greg Bryk) and Omar the drug dealer don't quite cut it. However, the madcap energy and irresistible sense of fun propel you headlong into the chaos and you enjoy almost every moment. Weirdsville is guaranteed to deliver a comic high without the come down.

Weirdsville is out in the UK on 16th November 2007.

End Credits

Director: Allan Moyle

Writer: Willem Wennekers

Stars: Scott Speedman, Wes Bentley, Taryn Manning, Greg Bryk, Maggie Castle

Genre: Crime, Comedy

Length: 90 minutes

Cinema: 16 November 2007

Country: Canada

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