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Good Luck Chuck (2007)
15Contains strong sex, sex references, language and drug use

"You'll be seeing more trim than Ellen DeGeneres!" gasps plastic surgeon Stu (Dan Fogler) enviously after he discovers best friend Charlie (Dane Cook) has the perfect pick-up line: sleep with me and the next man you meet will be your true love. What happens, though, when the promiscuous protagonist of Good Luck Chuck meets his own Miss Right (Jessica Alba)? You'll be hard pressed to care in an unpleasant sex romp of the kind Robin Askwith made in the 1970s.

Charlie's affliction - the result of a curse he was put under as a child when he refused to snog a girl during a bout of Spin the Bottle - might seem like any single guy's wet dream come true. If he seduces Cam (Alba), however, he's sure to lose her to another bloke - not such a bad thing, some might think, given her love for penguins and habit of walking into lampposts. Celibacy awaits them both, unless he can somehow break the hoodoo. And what better way than to woo the fattest chick he can find, confident in the knowledge that she'll never get a boyfriend?


If any character ever deserved an STD, it's this sexist, misogynist dinosaur - though Fogler comes close with his oafish portrayal of a doctor who pleasures himself to his patients' mammograms. With competition like that, it's no surprise Alba delivers the film's most winning turn. Still, the Fantastic Four cutie will no doubt be wishing she really could turn invisible once all the reviews are in.

Good Luck Chuck is out in the UK on 9th November 2007.

End Credits

Director: Mark Helfrich

Writer: Josh Stolberg,

Stars: Dane Cook, Jessica Alba, Dan Fogler, Lonny Ross, Ellia English

Genre: Comedy

Length: 99 minutes

Cinema: 09 November 2007

Country: USA

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