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High Noon - 13th August 2007
  Conan Back On The Warpath
Conan the Barbarian is returning to the big screen. Arnold Schwarzenegger played the mythical character in the early 80s, but word is the new version will be more faithful to the original short stories by Robert E Howard. The mythology unfolds in the fictional land of Cimmeria, where swords and sorcery rule. There's no word on the plot, but we're guessing former child slave and moody nomad Conan discovers he's actually the missing member of The Village People.

The project was languishing in development at Warner Bros when indie outfit Millennium Films bought the rights in June. They shelled out a seven-figure sum and aim to start production next spring. Exec Joe Gatta says, "While it's a rich deal for us, we believe in the brand and that this will lead to multiple pictures." The Rock is no doubt sitting by the phone right now...
  Tatum & Short Buddy Up
Channing Tatum and Columbus Short are teaming up for an unnamed action-packed buddy movie. Tatum is best known for wearing tights in dance flick Step Up and Short recently body-popped in Stomp The Yard. Plot details haven't been disclosed so we can only assume the duo must call on their prodigious footwork to fight crime - and most likely get beaten up for being prancing prissy boys.

David Elliot and Paul Lovett, who wrote the Mark Wahlberg starrer Four Brothers, penned the top-secret screenplay.
  Box Office Rush
It turns out that action-packed buddy flicks are quite a safe bet actually. After a six-year hiatus, the return of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 3 has stormed the charts on the both sides of the pond. It took $50.2m (£24.9m) in the US and $5.2m (£2.9m) on UK shores. It's great news for Tucker, who is getting a cut of the profits on top of his $20m (£9.9m) pay cheque. Chan reportedly gets $15m (£7.4m) plus foreign rights in Hong Kong.

Yes, Tucker and Chan's moves are impressive, but Tatum and Short may be tempted to ask: can they do a pirouette and a grand pas de chat?
  Moore Reaches For The Sky
Irish helmer John Moore (The Omen remake) has been hired to rewrite and direct Airborne. It's an action pic set on a US Navy aircraft carrier, but little else is known about the project. That's probably because the script is far from being set. Producer Arnold Kopelson says, "We always take time with scripts to get it right. We're meticulous about development."

We believe him. Kopelson's credits include Platoon, Se7en and The Fugitive. (But nobody mention Twisted.)
  Rome Burnt In A Day
A fire swept through the backlot of Rome's renowned Cinecitta Studios last Thursday night. An electrical short circuit is thought to have started the blaze, which claimed part of the set of BBC series Rome. Thankfully little other damage was caused in the three hours before the flames were extinguished. "The studios are safe, sound and in good shape," says the studio's deputy director Maurizio Sperandini.

Not that we're superstitious or anything, but other recent Hollywood productions at Cinecitta include Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ and Exorcist: The Beginning.